Goldran 24

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Goldran 23

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[sage-H-S-/m/subs] Gyrozetter 1-51 batch

December 28, 2015 by


Well here it is, a batch of the entire series of Gyrozetter.

First 2 episodes were done by sage after they unwisely put up what they were going to sub that season up for an internet poll, episodes 3 to 30 were handled by Hikari Senshi under Makhazol, then after they had issues we took over the project with HS’s font collection and translator’s bible of terms to get it finished with Anonyeko as TL, shiny typesetting done by Ignis, starseeker as editor/secondary typesetting, and various other people like UK Windom, Battle-Anon, Sailor Otaku and Iriliane.

If you’ve been following the show so far, a DDL of episode 51 alone can be found here.
DDLs of the v2s (minor fixes and Kerbeizer is now Cerbeiser again, sorry anonyneko): 31, 32, 44, 45, 49.
Or if you just need patches, they are here

Included with the torrent is a live performance of the OP that Hikari Senshi did, also here’s the soundtrack, was going to put it in the batch but forgot.


Goldran 22

December 27, 2015 by

Another Goldran episode, not your actual Christmas present, that’s been slightly delayed by my perfectionist tendencies, should be out before the 6th day of Christmas, because that still counts right?



Goldran 21 (aka not dead apparently)

December 21, 2015 by

So apparently this is also not dead because Sasword decided to pick this back up…

I am as thoroughly confused as you are at this point.


Great Mazinger vs Getter Robo G

December 18, 2015 by


So er…apparently Sasword is back from the dead again. No idea how long he’s gonna stick around for.

Have some Great Mazinger vs Getter Robo G.



Gyrozetter 50

December 13, 2015 by

[THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - 50 [B3C0E935].mkv_snapshot_14.13_[2015.12.13_19.02.57]

Getting very close to the end now. There’s robot battles, character drama, last-ditch negotiations, and the truth of the villainous plot is revealed. Enjoy.


Onigiri are rice balls with various fillings.

Gyrozetter 49

November 30, 2015 by

[THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - 49 [FB3605C0].mkv_snapshot_00.27_[2015.11.30_18.28.25]

As the finale draws ever closer, the battle rages on, and comedic villains stop being quite so comedic and start being dangerously competant.



Orochi is the name of a serpent with eight heads and eight tails from Japanese mythology.

Also Goldran is permanently on hiatus as another group is subbing it on Youtube, unless they give up.
Goldran 21

Gyrozetter 48

November 16, 2015 by

[THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - 48 [5DF119D3].mkv_snapshot_09.12_[2015.11.16_17.10.11]

We’re definitly into the final stretch now. Also time travel tenses are a pain.

The major problem is simply one of grammar, and the main work to consult in this matter is Dr. Dan Streetmentioner’s Time Traveler’s Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations. It will tell you, for instance, how to describe something that was about to happen to you in the past before you avoided it by time-jumping forward two days in order to avoid it. The event will be descibed differently according to whether you are talking about it from the standpoint of your own natural time, from a time in the further future, or a time in the further past and is futher complicated by the possibility of conducting conversations while you are actually traveling from one time to another with the intention of becoming your own mother or father.


Notes for the episode:

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Glass no Kamen Desu ga The Movie

November 5, 2015 by

[mSubs] Glass no Kamen Desu ga the Movie [BDrip X264 AAC 720P].mkv_snapshot_51.25_[2015.11.02_18.35.03]

Disclaimer: I didn’t work on this, another translator in the group did. I’m just as confused as you are by this.

Anyways, “Glass no Kamen Desu ga the Movie: Onna Spy no Koi! Murasaki no Bara wa Kiken na Kaori!?” aka “It’s Glass Mask But… the Movie: Female Spy’s Love! The Purple Rose Has a Dangerous Scent!?” is a parody of the very long running (started in 1976 and 49 volumes released so far) shojo manga Glass Mask, so enjoy hilariously ropey flash animation and convoluted plots. Oh and robots. There’s two female protagonists so you can guess what robot gets parodied.

The whole thing with the rabbits is a reference to folklore about a rabbit on the moon.



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