Layzner torrents


Episode 9 mkv
Episode 10 mkv
Episode 9 avi
Episode 10 avi

If anyone who’s downloaded the mkvs of can seed, then can they please do so. If not, enjoy the torrent.

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5 Responses to “Layzner torrents”

  1. Random Otaku Says:


  2. krash Says:

    FUCK YEAH! Thank you so much guys!

  3. Rob Says:

    I don’t want to be a jerk, but is it really okay to sub this while there is already other fansub going? Or are you confident that you can make better quality/speed than the other fansub?
    I mean, there are so much unsubed old school anime out there, like for example Casshan, that people are tring to find again nowadays.

    Sorry for the bothersome question.


    • starseeker Says:

      The other groups have been stalled for ages, and most haven’t got past episode 1. I know we’re just fixing existing scripts at the moment, but we do plan to finish this. There isn’t really any other alternative at the moment. We chose to do this because we wanted to.

    • Ryvius Says:

      ACR – Indefinitely stopped subbing it. It’s been 1-2 years since they released anything beyond episode 9.
      GP – Released the first episode 6 months ago, in December 08. Nothing since then.
      Kanjisubs – Released the first episode in November 08. Took almost three months to see episode 2 finally pop up. Nothing since then.

      Not hard to beat out that kind of speed I’d say.

      And when has multiple subbing groups for a series been a bad thing? lol. Especially for older shows, that should never be a complaint. I’d say starseeker here & co will easily be the first to [finally!] complete the series, in due time.

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