layzner 11 released


[mSubs]_SPT_Layzner_11_[28902EE6] (softsub h264 mkv)

[mSubs]_spt_layzner_-_11_[XviD][FCA81DDD] (hardsub)

uneeded .ass script:

help seed please!

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3 Responses to “layzner 11 released”

  1. bateszi Says:

    Thanks for releasing these episodes of Layzner. I thought I’d be waiting years for the rest of this series, so it’s awesome that you guys are working on it! Keep up the great work!

  2. Area88 Says:

    This is Area88 from ACR. Our group disbanded over a year ago. I’m now part of a different group called Box-Subs. It’s great to see another group has formed and is now subbing the show. If you get past episode 16 then please contact me since I may be able to help you guys out.

  3. saswordmsubs Says:

    ill be sure to hit you up, thanks for watching.

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