layzner 13 released




uneeded .ass script:

note: somehow mixed up torrents when i was trying to post xvid of mazinger-z so if this has the wrong info on tokyotosho, thats why, now for some sleep.

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16 Responses to “layzner 13 released”

  1. Area88 Says:

    Excellent release again, good choice of font annd color. Also wanted to add a big thanks for releasing in Xvid. Keep it up!

  2. Zam Says:

    The master of super-robot in one hand (Go Nagai), the master of real-robot in the other (Ryosuke Takahashi), /m/subs is about to become a fan favourite.

  3. Ryvius Says:

    Epic, only a few more episodes to go and we’ll finally be in some real new stuff!

  4. Hokuto no Eiji Says:

    I’ m addicted to this show. I hope that, when time will come, you’ ll release the ovas with the true ending.

  5. franco Says:

    good project, so it’s good you star also L-Gaim !
    A good exercise for me watching anime of my preferite period ( 1970-1980) in english subtitles !
    No problems watching anime in an other subtited language different to mine ( italian)

  6. zamunda Says:

    Thanks. Just found out about your grop. Why does this episode have some weird picture on the avatar, which isn’t part of the episode?

    • starseeker Says:

      The picture is a joke sub that sasword came up with. It’s a quote from somewhere else that got added to the screenshot. It’s a very bad attempt at being funny.

  7. zamunda Says:

    Okay… 😀 so what’s the name of the source :D. Lol i’m not into mecha, but i already started watching this. Thanks to all of you.

  8. saswordmsubs Says:


  9. zamunda Says:

    Laaaame 😀 Btw i asked several qustions under the “Layzner” latest post, so please go there and try to answer 😛

  10. zamunda Says:

    Seriously why do people watch those tokusatsu’s. Aren’t they broing as hell? They just kill the minions until they find the Big boss…

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