It’s time for L-Gaim



Yep, another new project. When we started this we thought Shin-Getter (who’d subbed 7 episodes of this before) were dead and buried. Well, during QC we found out that they weren’t. It was decided to release anyway, since we’d done the work anyway and figured that we could do a better job. (Not that I’m dissing Shin-Getter or anything, we have a lot of respect for what you’ve done)

Anyways, download links here. Torrents will come when they’re done.

[mSubs] Heavy Metal L-GAIM – 01 Dreamers [h264](A9CED90B): or

[mSubs] Heavy Metal L-GAIM – 01 [XVID][295648CC]: (avi)

unneeded script:
torrent up a little later!

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27 Responses to “It’s time for L-Gaim”

  1. setsuna Says:

    tnx for picking this up. Hope you’re faster than the other group lol.

  2. anon Says:

    perhaps both groups can do a joint project on this?

  3. Anon Says:

    I fucking love you guys. Thank you very much!

  4. Anon Says:

    Yeah, I’d say you should really consider a joint project. Ensure that the series gets done rather than wasting time competing like stupid fansubbers do.

    Please be smart for once.

    • starseeker Says:

      I think we did consider it. The main issue is momentum. Once we get started on something it’s very hard to stop. I put a vote to the rest of the group over whether we should continue subbing L-Gaim, and the results were almost entirely in favour of continuing.
      And part of the point of fansubbing is the ability to compete, unlike official releases where there’s only one release and you’re stuck with it.

  5. Patrik Says:

    Dont you think its better to do a series that nobody is activly subbing, im very happy that your doing the old shows but im a old shin getter fan and i think its counter produktive for 2 groups to do the same projekt

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’m interested to see if your release have better video quality. shin-getter release have kind of a vcd quality.

    I am also grateful you are doing the release. I do not think its counter productive, a lot of amine are fansub by multiple groups. fans then have a choice to choose which to follow.

    • starseeker Says:

      I think ours is, since we’re working from DVD raws. The quality is gorgeous anyway (I’m saying this as the encoder).

  7. Patrik Says:

    “a lot of amine are fansub by multiple groups. fans then have a choice to choose which to follow.”

    thats halfway true..but its more true if its a tv show that is more popular buy mainstream, last time i lookt groups werent jumping on the old mecha shows (not counting macross and gundam)
    so when two great sub groups working whit a rear grenre chosing the same show i think its a waste

    i would love to see a colab between you guys and shin getter, like it is now its a waste 😦

    you still rock and make my days 🙂 and im realy thankfull you exist

  8. Pinto na Bunda da Cecília Says:

    Shin Getter is basically dead. They´ve released a new episode trying to prove they´re not, but another one we probably never come. Please, continue releasing L-Gaim.

    • starseeker Says:

      We thought they were when we planned this project. They came back from the dead releasing more L-Gaim whilst this episode was in QC.

  9. Patrik Says:

    “Shin Getter is basically dead” they are not and they relesed 3 new episodes and they are upp to 11 i think.

    Butt f that sorry i brouth it upp its not the end of the world + m subs version is better quality,

    will post it in the forum instead sorry for being an asshole 🙂

  10. Bandit Says:

    People should finish what they started, I hate incompleted shows.

    You guys have outshined the other lazy groups by far!

    Thank YOU!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Shin-Getter is neither dead nor lazy. They took a brief 1-year break and are now continuing one of their projects. To call them lazy is pretty disrespectful of the fact they completely subbed Space Runaway Ideon, one of those shows everyone talked about but nobody bothered to sub. Not to mention finishing Zambot 3, and releasing a good portion of Raideen, which prompted another group to continue that series. To say a group is “lazy” because they don’t finish a project is extremely ignorant, and goes to show how little you know about the fan-subbing process. Keyword here is “fan”.

    Also I doubt Shin-Getter had any idea you guys had L-Gaim in QC, so it’s not like they continued L-Gaim out of spite.

  12. Copyman Says:

    Love Shin-getter but their L-Gaim is really bad quality with hard subs. My crappy bootlegs might have better video quality.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I have to ask as Im not completly sure but are you guys actively working on this? or did you just finish this one and decided to release it.

  14. mumtaz Says:

    If u want to sub L-gaim then release faster that shin-getter they are very slow, every 5 days they release 1 episode and yesterday on episode 16 they make mistake on releasing it without sub.

    • starseeker Says:

      Every 5 days is slow? What planet are you from? They have a backlog of scripts that they built up over a year. We’re still sorting out our teamwork over here since it’s a lot of new people.

  15. mumtaz Says:

    Every day one episode or it will not be useful how can u watch episode then wait 5 days you will forget every thing about last Events Especially for the anime like this one.

  16. mumtaz Says:

    Right the originaly was aired weekly they were right it take hard work from production and direction…ect, but translation don’t need anything but someone knwo japanese and english and software to add translating and all that will take At most 2 or 3 hour so it is very possible to release 1 episode every day.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I wish translation can be done with software within 2-3 hours. It’s not so simple as you think and it’s often not very straightforward to trasnlate japanese into English. Besides, so many people in fact work to get one episode done. You should try to help Fan-Sub people once so you’ll know how hard they are working.

  18. mumtaz Says:

    I hope and be honorable to help you but as you see my english is very simple and i don’t know about japanese expect the kana u may be right and i notice that translating japanese apeaking is sometime be hard than translating text because they speak very fast maybe i Under-estimate the translating work, I was want to Encourage u to translate this anime, Because i downloaded this anime from mininova and they drop many translating of speech of character and u cannot understand the story very well.

  19. spikeco Says:


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