Layzner 16-17 released


[mSubs] spt layzner 16 v2 [A22B45BD]:
@starseeker: There was a minor muxing error in this version. My sincerest apologises for this screwup.
(unneeded .ass script)

[mSubs] spt layzner 17 (h264)(2F060453):
(unneeded .ass script)

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8 Responses to “Layzner 16-17 released”

  1. Pax Says:

    thanks for this 2 new episodes

    i guess i will use the torrent links,i have no idea what is wrong with megaupload since yesterday,since you uploaded there i guess you guys have no problems …

  2. Jack Says:

    Wow you guys are fast on releasing new episodes. Thanks for these two new episodes and for picking up this project after Anime Classic Reviews.

  3. Area88 Says:

    The fast release pace continues. Excellent work guys. Episode 17 is a real treat.

    With so many episodes released now, you might want to consider releasing a batch torrent very soon. One for Xvid and one for H264 would be perfect.

  4. Jack Says:

    I have to say when I downloaded episode 9 in Xvid and Episode 9 in MKV for comparison, the Xvid version clearly had washed out colors whilst the MKV version had fresh colours.

    • sasword Says:

      true, because i encode the xvid while starseeker encodes the mkv. we use the same source files but she hits it with avisynth filters, whereas i prefer it unfiltered. but no matter what the show, every encoder has personal preference on things like that and ‘whether to leave the grain/noise or not’. personally i prefer my xvid a lot more, but to each their own. try to ignore the inconsistency in any case and expect 18 soon (which is in translation by the way!)

  5. thunder Says:

    Thanks for the downoads, keep it up you guys

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