L-Gaim Episode 2


Not dropped, just minor organisational chaos to fend off. Enjoy.

[mSubs] Heavy Metal L-GAIM – 02 (h264)[C4123F46]:
or http://tokyotosho.info/details.php?id=227860

[mSubs] Heavy Metal L-GAIM – 02 [XVID][ACA9B442]​:
or http://tokyotosho.info/details.php?id=227861

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8 Responses to “L-Gaim Episode 2”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    damn its all staticy when i play it how do i fix this.

  2. mumtaz Says:

    so every one month one episode, we need now 52 month to complete the Anime it means that this will finish about 4 years and 4 months, but i hope u finish it before this date like releasing 2 or 3 episodes every month good luck to u guys

  3. Hiro Says:

    No matter how long it takes you guys, I’ll be supporting you. Follow it through with guts!

  4. Jack Says:

    Why are you guys subbing L-Gaim from the beginning? ShinGetter got as far as Episode 32, why aren’t you guys subbing from Episode 33 to 54?

  5. Jack Says:

    “Because Shin-Getter ain’t dead”

    I thought they where? They haven’t released anything for a long time, their website is dead as well as their mIRC channel.

    “and we got enough on our plate as it is.”

    Yeah I know.

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