Getter Robo G – 01



(unneeded .ass script)

notes: mp4 is fully compatible with xbox360/ps3,
mkv will be 350mb max in the future.
credits: ocr’d scripts re-timed (YES!) by The Ferguson,
re-translation/editing by Sasword

7 Responses to “Getter Robo G – 01”

  1. zhuzhu8376 Says:

    Will there be a XVID LQ version?

  2. saswordmsubs Says:

    Only if someone else is interested in doing it I think. This one did work without stuttering on xbox/ps3 and 800mhz fragged-to-hell laptop for me.

  3. zhuzhu8376 Says:

    Hope there is a kind soul willing to encode to XVID LQ version. :p

  4. 913enter Says:

    awesome!!! I was hoping that you would sub this series as well since you did the original getter robo. Thanks a bunch

  5. Gaburieru-K7 Says:

    Thank you for this! I was expecting

    If you are interested, I can translate to Spanish (so that you add the mkv container)

  6. huge fan Says:

    thanks and much appreciated. The quality is amazing!

  7. xAkuw Says:

    thank you

    You are Rock 🙂 🙂

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