Getter Robo G – 05



(unneeded .ass script)

also lol at 2-day banned from /m/, DDLs added!
currently working on: goldran07 followed by layzner
status updates here as always.

5 Responses to “Getter Robo G – 05”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How the hell does /m/’s own subbing group get banned from /m/?

  2. saswordmsubs Says:

    it produced a laugh though, so it’s all good. and technically my only affiliation with ponychan is that i tripfag it up there sometimes.

  3. Ryvius Says:

    Not the first time /m/’s been fucking stupid. Don’t expect to ever see Cobra/Harlock threads stay alive there, as in they don’t die, they get deleted instantly.

  4. saswordmsubs Says:

    If the MODS=GODS actually try to keep it worksafe (sup TY OP SEX GIRL VID GOOD) I don’t mind, not like I browse often. And add Yamato
    (… awesome intro song now playing in my head) to that list of good animes /m/ won’t discuss.

  5. Patrik Says:

    they Banned my favorite translator…lol Your a real work horse and you deserve to be praised.

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