Great Mazinger 14



(unneeded .ass script)

seed shit, thanks those who have been, fuck the rest of you.
notes: looking for an ftp drop for internal vob moving in /m/ projects.
update: xvid ddl added.


6 Responses to “Great Mazinger 14”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    this is good stuff, will we ever see mazinger Z?

  2. saswordmsubs Says:

    i try to focus on things that don’t have easily found subs, but the real reason is the audio is too excruciatingly poorly mastered for my ears. either way, i think great mazinger’s a better series anyway!

    someday (once i find a dumpsite maybe) i was thinking of doing the other mazinger movies though

  3. mahmoud Says:

    oh my god ، I’m very very very happy to see the episodes of Great Mazinger again ¡

    especially the great work that you had done in subtitle

    please please please don’t stop that great work

    and I will wait for every new episode you will put it here

    thank you very much

    and forgive me if I had typed any word wrong because I’m not american

    I mean I’m not good at english

  4. Anonymouus Says:

    saswordmsubs: I probably like Great more than Z too, but only because Boss and the Boss Borot have stuch a big role. Tetsuya is boring as hell.

  5. telbanage Says:


    Thanks for the great work! I just wonder, when shall we see ep. 22 and the rest of Great Mazinger episodes?


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I completely agrre with telbanage. You are greater than mazinger self, pls complete the series… tnx!!!

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