Layzner 18 released


This would’ve been out a lot sooner if I didn’t keep being dragged away to such exotic locations as Norfolk, the north coast of France, and the backend of northwest London by various family members. Kinda hard to get work done with no laptop or internet.

Anyways, ranting over enjoy more Layzner. Old loves reunited, happy children, a new important character and Earth is finally is sight.




18 Responses to “Layzner 18 released”

  1. john Says:

    until manlysub will finish the vocation iam going to watch layzner one of the best realrobot series, thank you very much and keep up this good work

  2. Zam Says:

    It’s here !
    Thank you very much. Keep the faith.

  3. Jacopo Says:

    Thank you very much, great present 😀
    Greetings from Italy

  4. Phelps Says:

    The XVid version has incorrect aspect ratio, causing several players (MPC, Zoom Player) to display the video in Widescreen.

    Here’s how MPC reports the video size: “640 x 480 (AR 851:480)”

    This didn’t happen to the previous episodes, so it’s probably due to some changes you guys made in the encoding process.

  5. saswordmsubs Says:

    trying to finish an ep every day here might be too much, lol. it was still set to 16/9 pixel aspect ratio in virtualdub apparently, played perfectly fine in my MPC so i didn’t notice it, v2 is up now. thanks.

  6. seraj ahmad Says:

    I prefer always to choose mkv file it is best on quality my torrent file of this episode has completed after 2 hour when i started downloading the file, but i will not watch this episode today i started to watch this series since last saturday and my system is watching one episode everyday

  7. saswordmsubs Says:

    okay, um cool. if curious, mkv/xvid have the same LQ divx source on layzner. only differences are: mkv is filtered and xvid is unfiltered (i don’t like the way it looks without the noise) and the xvid contains more periods or “full stops” (starseeker doesn’t believe in them in her h264.) anyway enjoy!

  8. Phelps Says:

    Thanks for the fix, downloading the V2 now.

  9. Ryvius Says:

    Ahhhh, the sad commercial break joke…

    I lol’d.

  10. Orange Says:

    Another great episode. Thanks!

  11. Jack Says:

    That was a very long wait kind of makes you lose focus, I don’t think I will be watching Layzner for awhile now until more episodes gets released so I can watch them in batch. But thanks for episode 18.

  12. john Says:

    same thing if i start to watch the series from today and every day one episode this will finish before finishing of releasing so it is agood idea to wait until another batch.

  13. zamunda Says:

    Maan… The ship was about to leave and Layzner just finished his berserker mode and isn’t he supposed to cool down before he can evem move? Huge mistake i think…

  14. zamunda Says:

    Sorry, i forgot to say huge thanks to the whole tcheam!

  15. Comic-Kaze Says:

    Hey guys, Layzner 18 MKV version is a dead link on sendspace. I’m trying to torrent it but having no luck, not connecting to the seeds. Any chance of it being put on Megaupload? Thanks.

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