Great Mazinger 15



(unnecessary .ass script)

update: ddls up

4 Responses to “Great Mazinger 15”

  1. Anonymouus Says:

    That was best episode of Great Mazinger ever, unless Jun and Boss manage to take out a Warbeast on their own at some point.

    The giant swarms of lizards had me laughing my ass off the whole episode.

  2. seraj ahmad Says:

    I remember that i watched episode contain avery Smart monster always when great mazinger or daiana a Throw him some weapons he crash it very quickly and then throw him gain and crash it very quickly this was very quaint Sight i watched on all super robot anime i’d like to know number of this episode.

    • saswordmsubs Says:

      I have no clue what you’re talking about, I’ve only seen the first 15 episodes now (if I subbed things I’d already seen I probably wouldnt have the motivation to watch it another 6 times between t-l/timing and quality check passes). But hopefully I’ll get there soon enough 😛

  3. seraj ahmad Says:

    \yes that is because the episode which i was talking about i watch it by araw version the days that we used tape video before dvd release, hopfuly to see this episode from msub with translation to know how ankokodaishogun creat this miracle monster

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