Raideen batch torrents


As some of you already know, Raideen is my little personal project, run by me (the translator/timer/encoder) and Lost Number (LN), who does the QC.

So without further ado, here is the batch torrent for episodes 13-18 of Yuusha Raideen (Shin Getter did 1-12)

Episode 19 has also been released and is here:

Xvid transcode provided by sasword:

I haven’t decided if I’ll put up the individual releases here yet or not. Batch torrents certainly will.
The newest releases can be found on my blog here


15 Responses to “Raideen batch torrents”

  1. セラージ=アフマド Says:

    we Yearn to daitarn i hope to see new episode for this great series I like anime contain Independent on each episode, Raideen is also cool iam playing now on stage 妖魔島 of impact the enemie’s target here are very high i upgrade very thing on raideen but even that small monster that launch fire from his mouth smash raideen very easily i donot remember his name , goodluck to see all episodes of raideen

  2. Darren McBone Says:

    Very awesome of you doing the classic Raideen series, kind sir!

  3. Evil Ryu Says:

    Will you please release this new batch in xvid?

  4. Jake Says:

    Thanks! I am patiently waiting for the torrent to chunk it all together, and it looks like I might only catch pieces of Raideen. If you are going to post it again on torrent or other means, drop me a line at….I recall watching Yusha Raideen on channel 52 in Los Angeles some 30 years ago!!!! That’s what got me started in the anime business!

    Hope to see long forgotten episodes!

    • starseeker Says:

      Thanks, there’ll be another batch torrent when I get to episode 26, episode 24 is still being timed, we had technical issues.

  5. Jiro Says:

    Is there any way you can put the episode 19 mkv on megaupload or really, anywhere? The file is gone from Sendspace and the torrent doesn’t have any seeds.

  6. ben Says:

    i cannot find shin-getter’s releases easily if at all

  7. Chris Says:

    Since megaupload is dead, will you be reposting your torrents anywhere else?

  8. IRQtheCat Says:

    I found a copy of the elusive episode 21v2. Now there are one or two seeders for episodes 13 to 24. I’ll be leaving mine up.

  9. IRQtheCat Says:

    I just put a torrent of episodes 1 to 12 on udp://, I think. First time putting up a torrent. Don’t know yet how to paste the torrent link here,but the hash tag is: 8A77E11A 64985501 3D29CAED 367BC73A 41AB88FA

  10. IRQtheCat Says:

    Redid the torrent, new hash tag:

    7DB50CC0 A65F8D86 90FD3A86 7CC266D8 CDA58EB7

  11. IRQtheCat Says:

    Torrent link:

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