Someone want to time this for me? Because I don’t have time, I tried emailing people and didn’t get a response idk. Shoot me an email or comment if interested.

SPT Layzner 19:

update: fuck year thanks for offering gunlord, i tried emailing you bro, maybe i had the wrong address. the guide may be confusing but timing is easy to pick up, just mind-numbing. im one of many weird translators though that believe in timing BEFORE i translate, so just put x’s in or something whenever someone talks. comment/sendspace/email the script once you finish and i’ll take it from there and clean it up as needed. thanks!

28 Responses to “Lazyner”

  1. saswordmsubs Says:

    getting started: grab virtualdub or virtualdubmod from, load file, audio tab, select full processing mode, select compression, select pcm (uncompressed from the list). now go to file -> save wav and put it somewhere. next open up aegisub ( ), itll open with a blank script with like 1 line, you can start from scratch and watch to the point by clicking play until it gets to a sub, or you can load the subtitles from ep18 and click the last line in the OP and click play from there and work up a script that way. either way, go to the video tab, and select open video file and find the avi ill link below. then go to the audio tab and select ‘open audio from file…’ and select the wav file you made (you can open the audio from the video and skip the earlier step but it hasnt always liked vbr mp3 or mp3 in general for me).

    this link may help, it may not: , you’ll see a wav form on the right side of the video above a comment-styled box, if you watch it enough you’ll be able to recognize possible speech and speed up your job. for the most part there’s three ways to time which i usually mix together as needed, you can start subs and end them the exact second you hear speech, you can time things to people’s mouths (or a frame before they open them), or you can time things to the scene (sometimes its the cleanest and most fitting option and there’s a yellow ‘Snap selected subtitles to scene’ button that sometimes works).

    either way, you’ll time by moving around bars in the audio waveform or inputting the second and millisecond into the white start/end boxes as you watch and hit the ‘commit’ or enter key. eventually you’ll rewind/fastforward with arrow keys as well. to create new lines you’ll right click the current line and select ‘insert after (it ends)’. it helps a ton to put something in each completed line (i just type x and hit commit as i go) so you don’t get confused while spacing out in mindless anti-bliss. continuous timing and merge lines get a lot of use here as well, being semi-similar functions, and i try to keep lines under 6 seconds each personally. some of the basics you can accomplish in notepad (i probably shouldve said this earlier), for example copying everything from the previous episodes [V4+ Styles] line down to the last line of the OP ( OP,0000,0000,0000,,And wipe away those tears with a kiss ), i usually do the same thing with the ED and then retime it to the millisecond (which i dont mind doing) later on.

    most of the settings are easy enough and can be figured out by playing with the program, but it doesn’t hurt to youtube for aegisub videos for help first.

  2. Gunlord Says:

    Hey there, Sasword! I think I offered to time a while ago, but I don’t recall getting an email back…ah well. I’m just wondering, as I said on /m/ I’m a total newb to timing, but if you can’t find anybody else, I could try my hand at it…looking at the guide you posted in your comment, I *think* I could get the hang of it. Only if you can’t find anybody better, of course πŸ˜€

  3. sasword Says:

    You can do it! Ask in #/m/subs or email if you have any questions, and thanks^^

  4. Gunlord Says:

    Sasword!!! I think I may have managed to time episode 19:

    As the name of the file implies, it was my very first attempt at timing subs with Aegissub (or anything else, for that matter), so it is very far from perfect ;_; I shall happily accept any suggestions for improvments or requests for changes or anything like that. I also sent you a PM with this in IRC, is that okay? Email is also fine too ^^

  5. sasword Says:

    better than i expected. want to do anotherlol?
    layzner20 raw:
    btw, ep19 is off in another t-l pass with starseeker,
    after which i’ll t-l/quality check it, and we’ll have other helpers QC
    thanks again regardless.

  6. Gunlord Says:

    I’m on the case! BTW, can I email you if I have any questions? πŸ˜€

  7. Gunlord Says:

    Sasword!!!!!! I think I managed to time ep. 20!!!!!

    If you need, could you email me if you need anything else? IRC seems to be on the fritz for me ;_; My email is Also, it’s often easier to just leave a comment on my LJ, at Since you had problems emailing me earlier, LJ might be better πŸ˜€

  8. sasword Says:

    always, or leave me a message on irc, either way. thanks.

  9. zamunda Says:

    Okay this anime is good. I’m at episode 6. But some things are just annoying. For example when that bad buy framed one of his friends and eventually killed him. And the other one was asking questions about what happened with his comrad (wtf couldn’t he just listen to the radio channel that they use ALL the time?). And what’s up with the automatic fire. The robot even tells the pilot how many seconds he has to shoot? Wtf what if the enemy pilot decides to change course? Also i always wondered howcome there’s not a single mecha anime in which the robots have the ability to automatically shoot after automatic lockdown (i guess that’s the word). Maybe it’ll be imba?

  10. Zam Says:

    Will we get Episode 19 soon ?

    • sasword Says:

      my router was dead for a full week, now that its fixed im sick and havent slept in 3 days. once i sleep ill be doing goldran 10 t-l check, followed by layzner 19 t-l check, followed by layzner20 and grg09. other delays included finding our new stable timer, and battling our other t-l checker’s subninjas. i’d expect a layzner this week in any case.

  11. Zam Says:

    Thank you Sas !

  12. zamunda Says:

    When do we expect Layzner 19-20?

  13. Jack Says:

    So I get that the translation project for Layzner has been dropped, hey? Sad, I was hoping that it would not come to this though I feared that this might eventually happen. But I got my hopes up a little bit especially seeing as how at first lots of episodes where released in a short amount of time, but now it looks like this sub project died a slow death.

    • starseeker Says:

      Lemme say this again. THIS HAS NOT BEEN DROPPED. We are simply having a few technical difficulties due to 2 of the translators having router failures, one of them also getting ill and having his HD with the pre-QC copy on it fail. Assuming nothing else goes wrong we should have a release out in a week or so.

      • Jack Says:

        I see great to hear then, good job and good luck.

        • starseeker Says:

          There was actually a good reason for the slowing of release dates. We has scripts for episodes 9-16, so it was just a matter of giving them a vigorous translation check and shifting the times for our raws.
          From episode 17 onwards, we’ve had to translate from scratch, which takes substantially longer, especially as all the translators have other personal translation projects as well. Not to mention having to find a dedicated timer pretty much afresh each ep, because although we can time, we absolutely despise doing it (it’s boring and repetitive as hell)
          So that’s why we’re not as fast as we were to begin with, our workload increased exponentially. Hopefully once we’ve recovered from the subninjas we can get back to a more regular release schedule.

  14. Jack Says:

    “Not to mention having to find a dedicated timer pretty much afresh each ep, because although we can time, we absolutely despise doing it (it’s boring and repetitive as hell)”

    Yeah I know what you mean, I did work on some scanlation for translating from french to english and it was kind of a demanding work where you had to dedicate your free time on doing voluntary work.

  15. sasword Says:

    are you still watching this topic gunbro? if you have time to time, could you please time 21?

  16. Gunlord Says:

    FUCK YES I’LL TIME 21!!!!! Sasword my Yahoo email sucks for some reason. It might be easier to just give me a ring on my LJ,

    Sorry for taking so long, again, I never got any emails or notofications! ;_; Since my email sucks you can use my LJ if you’re having trouble reaching me. I shall try to time 21 tomorrow then, posthaste!!!!

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