Just to make this very clear. Layzner is not dropped. We have simply been having epic technical problems.
Let me explain what has happened.

The first stages went normally. sasword did the first translation, handing over the script to me for fixing. After I attempted to fill in the missing dozen or so lines. At this stage, I hand the script to Iriliane for his attempt as translation checking. This is where things started to go wrong.

The stages of despair:
1) Translation checker Iriliane has internet problems so we cannot get the script to him
2) Main translator sasword has internet connection problems
3) Iriliane returns, and a checked script is produced
4) sasword came down with a bad cold and sore throat
5) sasword returns with independantly checked script
6) I hand over the version from Iriliane to sasword to merge the 2 versions
7) sasword’s hard drive dies with the near completed script

Currently sasword is in the process of getting a new harddrive shipped. He currently has the second most recent version saved from my backups.

Tl;dr: Someone up there really hates us, but we’re trying to get this done.

I am just as frustrated as you are, since the problems happened in the bits where there is little I can do.

12 Responses to “LAYZNER IS NOT DROPPED”

  1. zamunda Says:

    This is good news after all…

  2. Zam Says:

    Good luck.

  3. Milkman Dan Says:

    Damn you, anti-sub ninjas! Daaaamn youuuuuu!!!

    • starseeker Says:

      But wouldn’t we want anti-sub ninjas on our side, since they’re the enemies of the subninjas that have been plaguing us.

  4. naruhodou Says:

    hang in there guys! i’m counting on you folks to deliver goodness! until then, i will.. *quietly singing that Melos song…everyday…at work…in front of coworkers…all the time..*

  5. Gunlord Says:

    Good luck, Starseeker and Sasword! No matter what happens, I know the subninjas will never triumph over you!!

  6. Area88 Says:

    All the matters is you guys are good and healthy.

  7. Ryvius Says:

    Thanks for the update starseeker. As long as you guys aren’t ripping too many hairs out over it, I’m just glad you guys are still standing above this all and want to get it done eventually.

    Currently Crinn is back with a lot of Dougram, so that can give us all our Takahashi fix for awhile!

    • starseeker Says:

      Got enough other things to deal with apart from this. Now I’m hacked off because sasword hasn’t shown his face on IRC for days. I really shouldn’t worry so much.

  8. Pax Says:

    i hope everything will work out just fine in the end.good luck.

  9. Pax Says:

    one more thing, i wonder if you guys could tell me where do you get the raws for this anime,maybe your source is faster than mine. Thanks.

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