Great Mazinger 18


[mSubs] Great Mazinger – 18 (h264)(15AA84D2):
[mSubs] Great Mazinger – 18 (XviD)(01B902FA):

(unneeded .ass script)

8 Responses to “Great Mazinger 18”

  1. Metaru Says:

    Guys, your job is very important for true /m/-fans! Keep doing it!

  2. m-rayan-2006 Says:

    please please please don’t stop this great work

    thank you very much

  3. m-rayan-2006 Says:

    may I ask simple question ,please.

    what sort of codc hd 264 you use for the Episodes ?

    is it x264:DXVA-HD Anime_Toons-HQ or what ??

    • starseeker Says:

      The codec is H.264(MPEG-4 AVC)

    • saswordmsubs Says:

      megui’s okay but i don’t believe in profiles, i’d rather do a billion encodes to come up with specific settings to match each show. the codec settings we use can be viewed with the program mediainfo if interested.

  4. m-rayan-2006 Says:

    thanks you very much mr.starseeker

    and I hope you will continue this great work

    thanks again

  5. Gunlord Says:

    Awsum 😀 😀

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