Great Mazinger 20



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15 Responses to “Great Mazinger 20”

  1. m-rayan-2006 Says:


    i was waiting for the new ep

    thank you very much

  2. DesertMoon Says:

    Thanks once again for this release!

  3. lordxxhell Says:

    yaya thx man

  4. zamunda Says:

    Where’s Eiji? Come on… I’ve completely forgotten the story… Was he from planet Galos?

  5. Captin kroz Says:

    what happened to you guys this year is lazy year for fansub anime team 😦

  6. sasword Says:

    im the translator for getter robo, getter robo g, great mazinger, goldran, and layzner. i do the timing on 2-3 of those. i do the qc and translation check on all shows. i have a 40hr/week job, a fiance, and an apartment without internet (which is $350/month here). i’m still working on things though, layzner20 was sent off to a translation checker tonight and goldran12 was released! so long as i keep going i think it’s okay though.

  7. Captin Kroz Says:

    There is no consolation for Daitarn 3 and L-gaim the best show 😦 I wish you sasword to add it to your list of translating and you’ll never short no one then will complain about delayed you’ll be right .

  8. Ryvius Says:

    Other people were doing those shows Kroz. And after what he just pointed out, give the dude a break.

  9. zamunda Says:

    Here’s hoping for Layzner… Seriously… i’ve forgotten the story…

  10. Rodimus1138 Says:

    Any chance of you guys fansubbing the original Mazinger Z? The Hong Kong subs make my brain liquify.

  11. Ryvius Says:

    I thought I heard the HK’s for Mazinger Z were ‘okay’, and it does seem to be a simplistic show … well I’ll have to judge for myself sometime. But yeah, right now I’d just like to see sasword finish up some stuff before doing anything else (if he’ll even want to afterwards). Really looking forward to seeing a lot of these projects completed.

  12. m-rayan-2006 Says:

    we all waiting for next ep.please !!!

  13. Hisham Says:

    well let’s say for great mazinger that between 2 or 3 months 1 episode will be released that means it’s gonna take 5 years till the whole thing is done ?? does that make sense lol ? well i really appreciate the guy who is working on it and providing us the translation but i don’t know if the fans are going to wait this long !!! personally i have the whole thing but without subtitles…and the problem is it’s only 1 group or 1 person who does the work,i gave up on finding other source and i wish there would be because apparently the guy needs help i think he is overloaded or something .

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