Goldran 12


I’m putting this here because sasword forgot to.




20 Responses to “Goldran 12”

  1. Gunlord Says:

    OMFG, you guys are alive! ;_; *hugs*

    Fuck yeah Goldran 😀 😀

    • starseeker Says:

      sasword’s been sighted around the IRC channel, but I’ve been unable to gain contact due to what I suspect is timezones screwing us over.

      • Gunlord Says:

        timezones T_T Ms. Starseeker, pardon my intrusiveness, but is there any other alternative beyond direct chatting that could serve well for the purposes of discussing translation and stuff? I know how annoying it can be to catch people via AIM or IRC, since I have bunches of e-friends in places like England or Malaysia (not codename: v, trust me, haha), but do email or even comments on blogs have those problems? 😮

        • starseeker Says:

          I have his e-mail somewhere, but I haven’t been able to sum up the courage to e-mail him. It feels almost rude. That and the only e-mail addresses I currently have are an embarrasing one, one with my real name, and my university one, which I’m trying to keep sane. Screw that, I’ll use the uni one.

          • Gunlord Says:

            Well, I think I’ve probably e-mailed him before, and I’m just some guy rather than an actual translator…if he didn’t mind emails from me, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind emails from you guys 😀 😀

            • starseeker Says:

              When you’re as social phobic as I can be, it’s tricky. Did eventually send off an e-mail after a few hours of nerves.

  2. Rodimus1138 Says:

    Oh Fuck yeah more Goldran! This show has quickly become one of my favorite mecha shows ever.

  3. Ryvius Says:

    I still need to start this one up simply because Garrod’s twin seems to be in it.

  4. seraj ahmad Says:

    thanks god the shingetter forum get back 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Block Says:

    Great, but I’m waiting for the return of Layzner on /m/subs.
    Some news ?

  6. Jacopo Says:

    QC? O.O

    • starseeker Says:

      Quality check. It’s where the beta version gets checked over for stupid errors and slipups. QC is the last stage before release.

  7. Brave Exkaiser Says:

    More Goldran is always a good thing.

  8. Cyberra Says:

    More Goldran! ^w^ Getting so close to meeting Sora-Kage… I can’t wait for the next episodes!

  9. Zero Says:

    any chance of goldran getting an update anytime soon?

    • starseeker Says:

      Depends if the translator shows up or not.

      • Zero Says:

        well not to be rude but I hope they do so far out of the other brave saga anime titles I’ve been keeping an eye on brave of gold goldran and brave express might gaine are the only ones so far that I’ve seen subbed wise are at a stand still

  10. Cyberra Says:

    My friends and I are getting DESPERATE for more Goldran. We very badly want more of it… especially episodes 21, 33, and the last episode. Please bring us some more Goldran!

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