Layzner 20 released


God it’s been a while since we last released some of this. Blame subninjas/real life/procrastination.

h264: DDL

Edit: blogs seem to hate sasword

also my blog is dead what? google/blogspot = true subninjas

92 Responses to “Layzner 20 released”

  1. Block Says:

    Finally some goodness !
    Thank you ! Don’t give up the real thing !

  2. Cat-Scratch Says:


  3. Hisham Says:

    what about great mazinger ep 21 ??

  4. Gunlord Says:

    Starseeeker!!! I’m glad to see another ep of Layzner!! 😀 😀 😀 Is there anything more you want me to time? 😀 😀 😀

  5. Anonymous Says:

    What this?!

    • starseeker Says:

      A real robot show about some kids who where on a school trip to Mars when aliens attacked, and the alien defector who saved them.

  6. Jacopo Says:

    YOU ARE GOD ;(
    Now let’s finish this masterpiece 🙂

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The comment in the torrent said “dropped”. You are not dropping the series are you?

  8. Gunlord Says:

    Starseeker!! I heard on /m/ you needed someone to time 24. I can do it 😀 😀 😀

  9. Block Says:

    It was a very good episode.

  10. Bloodsack Says:

    Thanks. Just got into this series. Thanks for all you=r hard work guys:)

  11. chefachee? Says:

    Great! I think the fact that there are already 15 comments shows which is your most liked project ;). I think Layzner is your best choice and i’m thankful to you. This episode wasn’t as action oriented as usual, but i guess it was okay. The Layzner robot is really interesting, there must be some link between it and Eeji.

  12. regan strongblood Says:

    Please guys work more on layzner, no offence but who really cares about great mazinger, its so nothing compared to the glory of spt layzner. I dont say that to be rude, because I really value you guys for subbing this, I always promote you on my podcast anime82. What would it take to get you guys just to focus on Layzner until it was done, I would pay you!
    I bet if you set up a donation box people would pay you just to finish layzner, its such a classic and at this very very slow rate you wont be done until…2015. Instead of working on 4 shows and getting none of them ever completed, why not work on 1 show at a time. Layzner and heavy metal l gaim are the best real robot shows still not fully fan subbed and its a shame.
    I am very thankful you guys continue and even if it myst be at this painfully slow rate please finish layzner.

    thanks for the show guys
    msubs rules!

  13. chefachee? Says:

    I was just thinking about the payment thing… I think anime groups will have a bigger ambition to do the animes, why not pay 5 dollars per person and expect each week a new Layzner? Just figure out a way so that every single person pays you. I know you’re not doing this for money, but maybe a different apporach will be welcomed.

  14. Jack Says:

    Thanks guys, 18 more episodes left.

    • Jack Says:

      Oh and what are those “subninjas” you guys keep referring to?

      • Ryvius Says:

        Just a joke term for a mysterious group that “takes out” people subbing projects that don’t fall through.

        “Hey, so-so stopped subbing that show … guess the subninja’s got them.”

        A joke and sad term at the same time.

  15. gronpas Says:

    I’m with regan strongblood finish layzner and l-gaim first then make another project.

  16. Zam Says:

    Layzner rocks. You rock.

  17. Fabulous Anime Says:

    Thanks for releasing!

  18. EncourageMan Says:

    *Insert encouraging post to sub more Layzner here*

  19. RootBeerKing Says:

    Hey I just wanted to say that I love this series! I just started watching it a weekish ago, I’m on episode 7, and so far it’s my second favorite 80s anime right next to the original Macross. I also wanted to thank you so much for subbing this! Keep it up!

  20. Giant Robot Fun Says:

    Great job guys, I love this show. When does episode 21 come out? And are you guys going to do the OVA when you finish the Tv run.

    Keep up the work of the people.

  21. Burning Finger Says:

    Sasword probably got a girlfriend, and thats where he is spending all of his free time. ;]

    • starseeker Says:

      Oh we know about that. She may actually be a fiance. He’s also got a job, but I suspect he has no internet due to my e-mails being ignored.

  22. William_Duel Says:

    Oh man I understand real life priorities but I do hope this does get fully subbed one day. This series is great.

  23. King Slug Says:

    I blame it on the Anime Mafia. Sasword is at the bottom of some river with cement shoes.

  24. Giant Robot Fun Says:

    I think they will make it, u just have to find something else to help pass the time. I currently bought linebarrels of iron. I hope its pretty good.

  25. Pyoro Says:

    Come on guys, 4 more episodes to go before the 1st season is complete!

    Just finishing that alone would be enough…sort of.

  26. Burning Finger Says:

    I think starseeker is going to activate plan B, after her exams are cleared up.

  27. Burning Finger Says:

    The wait has been unbearable

    • starseeker Says:

      Just be patient okay, it’s not dropped. It’s high on my list of priorities so don’t worry.

  28. Giant Robot Fun Says:

    I feel sorry for starseeker, It looks like saswords disappearance may start a riot.

  29. Pyoro Says:

    Where is the DDL for XviD Episode #20?

  30. Giant Robot Fun Says:

    I think this is the correct link

    • Pyoro Says:

      That’s the .MKV, I was specifically looking for the .AVI if you have it?

      • Giant Robot Fun Says:

        sorry, You might have to check with starseeker on that one.
        I dont have anything to do with this group. I just like Layzner, and I check in every day to see if there is any news on episode 21.

        • starseeker Says:

          Afraid I don’t have it, the xvid encodes were sasword’s area and we only have the mkv up on the bot.

          • Pyoro Says:

            Bummer, I’ll download it and see if I can convert it to XviD myself…if it works out I’ll put it up on MegaUpload as well.

  31. Pyoro Says:

    So I downloaded the h264 and it had no subtitles.


  32. Pyoro Says:


    It didn’t work in Windows Media Player either.

    • starseeker Says:

      Get Media Player Classic that comes with CCCP, Windows Media Player can’t handle the softsubs in mkvs at all.

  33. Pyoro Says:

    Anybody able to seed the XViD torrents?

  34. Anonymous Says:

    The last episode came out at the end of March. I think its safe to say this series translation is dead and up for grabs by any sub group.

    How sad ‘^’

    • starseeker Says:

      Oi, I’m working on the translation for the next episode as we speak. I got delayed by 2 months due to having to revise for exam resits.

  35. Pyoro Says:

    I’m not sure how much cohesion there is with the various projects, but any chance that the Daitarn 3 team could pick this up once their series is finished?

    Or maybe even put L-Gaim on hold temporarily…

    • starseeker Says:

      The main translating for Daitarn is being done from the Italian dub of it, with me checking against the Japanese. L-Gaim has a different, new, translator on it.

  36. Pyoro Says:

    Oh I see.

    I think it’s just a personal reasoning of mine that fansub groups that try to take on too much at once tend to get nothing done.

    Personally, I’d be happy enough with finising up the Eiji 1996 arc and then you can take as indefinite a hiatus as you like.

    As an aside, though: since sasword seems to have gone MIA will future Layzner episodes still be released in XviD?

    • starseeker Says:

      Dunno, maybe. I now have a computer that works properly without recourse to prayers so I probably could, just not experienced with hardsubs.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Are you guys still gonna continue subbing Layzner? Any upadte?

  38. Giant Robot Fun Says:

    any update on the next episode? what percent is it to being completed.


  39. Giant Robot Fun Says:

    Anonymous, posted almost the same question. For some reason I did not see it.

  40. sasword Says:

    link to the ddl for the xvid version updated:

    • Pyoro Says:

      Thankin’ ye kindly, sas.

      Just one quibble: I was always under the impression that his name was FOURon, as in a play on Rei also being a number?

      And there’s 4IsDeath too, of course.

      • starseeker Says:

        I wanted Fouron but was overruled. We can’t find an official source on this.

        • Pyoro Says:

          I don’t think there are any official sources, most BANDAI series have a Japanese site with Romanisations but Layzner doesn’t appear to have one.

          Besides fitting in thematically Fouron is also an actual name…if that helps.

          Google also gives more results for Fouron Layzner than Phoron Layzner as if that really means anything. >_>

  41. RootBeerKing Says:

    Any news on the next episode? I’m aware from reading the comments that it is still being worked on, but that was a few months ago. Could we kindly have an update, please?

    As always; keep up the great work! I’m glad that despite all odds you’re continuing to sub this show, even if it’s taking longer than ideal.

  42. Akuma_Blade Says:

    Episode 2 and 21 please!

  43. guy shishio Says:

    Okay, who’s dick do I have to suck to get layzner ep 21? I will find my way over to whoever is responsible for getting the next episode out and vigorously suck his dick until i get it.

    c’mon guys, I needs my fix

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Can you at least upload raw eps of Layzner if you guys don plan on subbing the rest of the show for a long time.Just saying.

    • starseeker Says:

      I think there’s a torrent with all the raws out there on google. If I don’t hear back from sasword within the next 3 days, I’m gonna get Iriliane to do the other check then we should be good for a release. I am just as annoyed as you are by this latest delay.

  45. Giant Robot Fun Says:

    Man, Its been a few months since the last time I checked in. I was sure you guys would have had something by now. I guess there where more delays.

    • starseeker Says:

      Tell me about it, right now the delay is sasword being a pedant over the timing. Waiting for a reply to my last e-mail asking what the hell is going on, we’ve been in checking for 5 weeks or so. I am so very hacked off about this.

  46. reganstrongblood Says:

    Hey the guy over at just cleared a 75 episode dougram, why not bring him on for layzner and get this show completed?

    • starseeker Says:

      I know of Crinn, but I believe he has other projects planned after Dougram. Right now I just want the final copy of Layzner back from sasword. Once I get that back episode 22 can be got on track.

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