Daitarn 25 Come Here


Here we have episode 25 of Daitarn 3, brought to you by the /m/anly-/m/subs collaboration (I finally added them to the Bros link section on the right). This episode, instead of being straight Banjo vs the Meganoids, is a three-way between Banjo, the Meganoids and HAL. Who will ally with who to take out the third side? Stay tuned to find out.

Megaupload link

7 Responses to “Daitarn 25 Come Here”

  1. mamoru=misouji Says:

    Wow 2 episodes in less than 30 days amazing now I can say that Golden Age of daitarn3 is back These are the people who like to work .

  2. Captin Kroz Says:

    scripts to episode 30 great news ! I was watching every weekend 1 episode of this and l-gaim until episode 20 then I stopped when I reach episode 19 or 20 I don’t remember, it was episode about huge plan got chain it Length is along the circumference of the earth appeared on srw2@ then there was no any updates but from this weekend I’ll start watching again thanks very much for this but there is no consolation for L-gaim I hope you stated with L-gaim With the same enthusiasm of D3 ,L-gaim and Daitarn3 is a Golden series Can not indispensable.

  3. granpos Says:

    Watching the series will be more wonderful with Gx-53 thank you for subbing this great anime I love you guys 🙂

  4. Regan Strongblood Says:

    I have the raw vhs rip of the sunrise mecha racing one shot ova called dead heat
    It is just a short fun ova, only about 45 mintues in lenght.
    If I provided the raw would you gents consider subbing it?
    Its a tuff find and im sure the mecha fans would love it.

    Email me if you will do it.

  5. Lek Says:

    Very Appreciate for all episodes posted…keep on good work.

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