Daitarn 3, episode 26, now with added wardrobe malfunctions


More co-pro fun for you here. Fun times with hot meganoid chicks, Beauty’s wardrobe malfunctions and mind control devices.


Older links can be found here


4 Responses to “Daitarn 3, episode 26, now with added wardrobe malfunctions”

  1. kidoga Says:

    wow :-O never thought you’ll being super fast like this in this case this anime will finish before ending this year 🙂

  2. granpos Says:

    If I wasn’t wrong this about famous commander that appears on several srw like impact, it’s good that you kept mkv file the best type of video files and the most purity good job guys keep on this way.

  3. Lek Says:

    Glad to see this out very fast !!!

    Thks for your kindness…

  4. A recent experiment with Eye Contact | Aspergers Blog Says:

    […] Daitarn 3, part 26, right divided with combined wardrobe malfunctions « /m/subs […]

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