Daitarn goes to the circus (Episode 27)


This episode we have all the fun of the circus, with all the fun that entails. Though maybe not so fun when the villain runs it and wants to perform. And Banjo stares death bravely in the face.



14 Responses to “Daitarn goes to the circus (Episode 27)”

  1. Kroz Says:

    commander radik his voice was same of char I haven’t got used to hear this voice with stupid character it wasn’t suitable, that episode included Best Fight of daitarn 3 zanber is weapon that doesn’t disappoint but srw games don’t understand that on f it was 1500 :S, next weekend for Star representative , good job guys forward to the end.

  2. Lek Says:

    Thks for your great work.

  3. Masohiro Says:

    talking about weapons power of zanber is equal to dancougar’s sword 2800 and need green fire .

  4. Gumpas Says:

    I was wondering why banjo smile when daitarn 3 crash in one of srw games I think it’s 3 or 4 I thought it was a technical error but when I saw this image I became excused to know !

  5. Zam Says:

    It would be nice to have a torrent pack for Episodes 15-30.

  6. Sardien Says:

    There are no plans for a pack at that point.

    Because with some luck we’ll finish the entire show before the end of Summer, so please look out for the eventual episode 1-40 torrent pack!

  7. Rafayel Anderson Says:

    I’m glad to hear you’ll finish this great anime before summer all my hope is to start l-gaim and finish remaining 20 episodes very quickly as you do for daitarn 🙂

  8. Jacopo Says:

    Where is Lazyner? 😦
    Ufficially Dropped?

  9. kidoga Says:

    I’ll be grateful if anyone can translate this dialogue the topic is about energy but can’t read kanji :

    • Windom Says:

      It basically goes like:
      Panel 1:
      Banjo: Speaking about energy source, Daitarn’s solar energy is amazing, isn’t it?
      Panel 2:
      Bright: Then Banjou, would you show us how amazing that energy is?
      Panel 3:
      Banjou: I don’t mind, but…
      Bright: But…?
      Panel 4:
      Banjou: I won’t do it on rainy or cloudy days and nights.
      Bright: And you call that amazing!?

      Something like that

  10. kidoga Says:

    Other one please

    what did banjo said to make bright angry ?

  11. Milson Says:

    where is ep 28 hurry up guys !

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