[Ame-Lord] Mozaika 01


Just to make this clear, this isn’t a proper /m/subs project, we just offered them a slot on the blog and they said yes. This was done by Gunlord (timer) and Ametuchi (translator) from /m/.

Mozaika is a 4 episode fantasy OVA directed by Takahashi (Dougram, Layzner, VOTOMs)。I’ll be honest, I don’t know more, and it’s obscure enough to be a pain to find anything about it on the internet.
So feel free to take a look. It’s not pure mecha though, so don’t expect giant robots smashing stuff up.
First episode can be found here

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4 Responses to “[Ame-Lord] Mozaika 01”

  1. Ryvius Says:

    Takahashi wins.

  2. iliketofuckserbz127123 Says:

    Hehe thanks. The setting is really weird :P. It felt kinda like Hnk in the beginning. I expected more gore though :P. So the big chicken is basically the manga version of Tweety?

  3. fathomless7 Says:

    Man, some of us have been waiting to see this rare gem for forever and a day.
    Three cheers to y’all for finally getting it out there. Wonders never cease!

  4. Nordheim Says:

    Epic fucking amazing 🙂 finaly some old time hardcore action 🙂 epic job guys ! ill smoke a joint to hail your release 🙂 hailz from greece !

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