[Bro-Lord] VOTOMs Shining Heresy


VOTOMs Shining Heresy is a OVA sequel to VOTOMs that has been regarded as unsubbable for 15 years…until now.
But they managed it. They being the team of translator BROhgamiIchirou, and timer Gunlord, known as Bro-Lord. Here are all 5 episodes in mkv format. Enjoy this all you votoms fans.

Full torrent of episodes 1-5
<removed due to licensing>

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14 Responses to “[Bro-Lord] VOTOMs Shining Heresy”

  1. Rob f. Says:

    Wow! Thanks a lot. Great work there.

  2. SHELLHEAD Says:

    Superb. What about the OST? I really love the OP

  3. ichido reichan Says:

    for BROhgamiIchirou, and timer Gunlord, known as Bro-Lord.

    I bought the five tapes at a very good price and I was about to hire somebody to translate and sub this myself, but your noble and honorable effort beat me to it, this is because I’m still watching the tv show and I want to go chronologically on the story, thanks to you guys I will be able to finish all votoms now, I’m most grateful now 🙂

    If nobody step up to translate GENEI HEN (which at some point someone will do) I will try and do it, I gave shinsen subs so much crap for ignoring these series I even made a video about it

    anyway thanks so much and I would like to work with you guys in the future

  4. regan strongblood Says:


    You guys release all the stuff I love.
    Msubs you are the best!!!


  5. Jacopo Says:

    And now let’s continue Layzner 🙂

  6. Freezer Says:

    Hey Ichido it’s me, freezer :P. Actually i thought you dropped animes (thought you didn’t have enough time), but it’s great! Msubs and few other are the only anime sites that i visit :P. I can’t wait for Msubs to translate Lazyner.

  7. Sorrow Says:

    Thank you so much Bro-lord subs. I finished the tv series awhile back and have been anticipating this series for quite some time.

  8. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha Says:

    As I´ve never seen any Votoms it doubtful that I´ll ever watch this, but I love to see old and obscure anime being subbed!

  9. Epic Says:

    Man, I’ve never been more excited in my life. Thanks for the Heresy!

  10. heavensdrive Says:

    thank you so much! u guyz are awesome among awesome!

  11. Zac Says:

    Thank you so much, but it seems the links are not available anymore.

    Could someone restore them?

    Thank you in advance

  12. Christian Landry Says:

    Here’s some new links.


  13. Anonymous Says:

    With megaupload down, is there anyway of putting it up onto new upload sites?

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