Daitarn 3, episode 29. Why everything is better with sharks


This episode is an odd mix, it starts with robot sharks in an ice rink then proceeds to maul Swan Lake for references. Anyway enjoy. Also Banjo is Brian Boitano.



6 Responses to “Daitarn 3, episode 29. Why everything is better with sharks”

  1. MISTRO Says:

    Awesome work I hope that you will be more speed with future episodes;)

  2. Lek Says:

    Very glad to see this…pls continue your great job + Raideen too.

  3. Mr.miros Says:

    At least I have something to watch this weekend , by the way I bought daitarn3 album roman it contain information about each episode also there are images about Banjo’s father,mother and brother nice book I Recommend it.

  4. Migamora Says:

    Episode 24 was stupid I don’t wish to watch show like it again designer wasn’t successful when he make children win Easily like this , the only interesting thing was on 9:05 so soldiers be strong only when they fight this character 😀

  5. zraiden Says:

    This is one of the best sr shows , it Combines the Comedy and seriously by Intelligent way it’s difficult to mimic this series despite the simplicity of it idea

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