[Ame-Lord] Mozaika 03



Here is episode 3 of Mozaika brought to you by ametuchi and Gunlord. Enjoy

The mkv

The .ass for the raws

Edit: Changed the links to the fixed ones.

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14 Responses to “[Ame-Lord] Mozaika 03”

  1. William_Duel Says:

    I am really liking this series, it’s pretty epic. Excellent job although there is an issue, around 13:50 and for a full minute the entire dialogue of the subs consists of the line “IF we don’t move by tomorrow night it might get dangerous”

  2. Wandering Internet Commentator Says:

    Really? Weird, I thought I fixed that. Lemme look at it…

  3. Wandering Internet Commentator Says:

    There we go, these oughta be perfect:



  4. Gunlord Says:

    Whoops, above comments were me, hehe. I go by WIC on other wordpress sites.

  5. Gunlord Says:

    Okay, these just finished uploading, so they should be the correct ones William_duel:



  6. regan strongblood Says:

    Thank so much, the .ass file has the mistake of the one line repeated over and over still, has the mkv file version been fixed?

  7. Gunlord Says:

    I just dled the links I posted most recently, http://www.mediafire.com/?2nhmkwzrzzf and http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PD6IV950, they should be perfect now.

  8. Toto Says:

    Great episode. But please guys don’t give up Layzner.

    • starseeker Says:

      This is done by a completely different team to Layzner. I do plan to try and get some work done on Layzner in the near future and I am dreading it.

  9. musha Says:

    Daitarn3 episode 30 please.

  10. Maichel Says:

    Episode 30 are you working on it ? You have no excuse this time the Exams finished Or we will wait until you back from travel ? Frankly, you make the one go out of his way because of your long repeated delay

  11. Maichel Says:

    Oh Ok sorry for Rudeness:)

  12. fathomless7 Says:

    This long-forgotten series has been needing to see the light of day.
    Can’t thank you enough, Bro-Lord for making this available to the masses. I’m enjoying every minute of it… after waiting so many years.

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