[Ame-Lord] Mozaika 04


Here it is, the last episode of Mozaika, subbed by ametuchi and Gunlord. Enjoy this hidden gem.


There’ll be a batch torrent at some point with an updated version of episodes 1 and 2 with lyrics for the ending song in it I believe.

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3 Responses to “[Ame-Lord] Mozaika 04”

  1. shamo0012 Says:

    warning every body !! i am actually download the torrent “[Shin-Getter]Yuusha_Raideen_-_01-12″ and i have not many seed.
    Please seed

  2. Gunlord Says:

    Okay guys, here’s everything!

    Batch torrent: http://www.nyaatorrents.org/?page=torrentinfo&tid=143790

    Ep 1 with song: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=731SJRY3

    Ep 2 with song: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1NW9MPQA

    Just change the linky-links for ep 1 and 2 with those and it should be good

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