Daitarn 3, episode 34, why reusing footage is cool


This episode was an interesting one involving a spare DaiFighter and a spaceship. And reused footage from at least 3 different episodes to pad out the fight scenes (obviously saving the budget for something special, or someone in accounting sucks at their job). They did a good job though. Enjoy



5 Responses to “Daitarn 3, episode 34, why reusing footage is cool”

  1. kidoga Says:

    thanks, and here’s a great guide for each episode


  2. ADRIANO Says:

    Tomino excelled by all means on this show

  3. jw Says:

    great anime thanks, hope to start with goshoun when finishin this

  4. Pyoro Says:


    I like the way you think, mr. jw.

    Or has that already been done?

  5. jw Says:

    I mean they subbed first 2 episodes only , the rest was italian :


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