L-Gaim episode 34


This time on L-Gaim we get to see a character who’s been missing for an arc or so, and yet more giant robots with equally giant lightsabers, or overpowered cannons. And the love triangle proceeds to get more complicated, but mature (no more catfights).




12 Responses to “L-Gaim episode 34”

  1. ded Says:

    wheres great mazinger?

  2. MB Says:

    heh now L-Gaim and Daitarn are caught up.

    I just want one of these projects to get finished.

    • Pyoro Says:

      Not so much, seeing as how L-Gaim is 50-something episodes long while Daitarn is only 38…probably best just to finish off Daitarn first.

  3. Zach Says:

    Great stuff! I’m holding off till it’s wholly done, though….any Layzner word, Starseeker? I’d be happy to give the scripts a read over for quality checking, too. Anything I can do to help.

  4. EpicLotus Says:

    Great stuff, thank you so much!! I think it’s wonderful that you guys and gals are picking up this series where Shin-Getter left off, rather than starting it all over. I can’t tell you how much I wish other groups would do something similar once in a while so that more series could be completed. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. gomigomi Says:

    If we exclude the gundam world, this and Daitarn3 is the best tomino’s show ( great story,robots,characters design ) and the worst is Ideon(bad story) xabugle(bad mecha) and brain powerd (bad storyline,mecha,characters……ect)

  6. Jacopo Says:

    Ideon is one of Tomino’s finest works, in fact it was the heavy inspiration for Evangelion (like Anno said, http://everything2.com/title/Space+Runaway+Ideon ). It has a drammatic, STUNNING and powerful story.
    Xabungle no one ever see it, you can tell it’s bad only because you don’t like the mecha.
    Brain Powerd isn’t perfect, but has great story (in fact he inspired Eureka Seven one’s, if you ever see it).

    L-Gaim is shitty, with stupid characters, silly atmospheres, and very slowly, ripetitive and boring story. Only Garzey’s Wing is worse.

  7. gomigomi Says:

    L-gaim is good Strategic story but if they abandon Amu and lisshy this 2 characters who are like hell it will be much better , the only bad thing on ideon is the stupid ending ( the way that they Imagine what happened after death is really Funny and simple…..:S

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