Daitarn 3 episode 35, now with added ninja


This episode we get an interesting mix of ninja action crosses with Romeo and Juliet. Also here’s some useful translation notes for stuff referenced in this episode(and wiki links for more info):

Goemon Ishikawa XIII: A samurai character from Lupin III,
Jiraiya: A ninja from a Japanese folktale who could turn himself into a toad. His enemy Orochimaru used snake magic.
Orochi: Also known as Yamata no Orochi, or the Eight-Forked serpent, is an 8-headed, 8-tailed serpent from Japanese mythology who was slain by the storm god Susanoo.

New MU link

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15 Responses to “Daitarn 3 episode 35, now with added ninja”

  1. kyoukamoto Says:

    Awesome thanks, just 5 episodes to finish

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Link is unavailable!

  3. A nonny mouse Says:

    The link is unavailable!

  4. Maximilyan Says:

    link megaupload is fine I downloaded it

  5. Maximilyan Says:

    oh it was available at morning , I’m glad then

  6. Kusuha Says:

    link say

    Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.

  7. gono ishigawa Says:

    This is image of Haran sozo from anime

    can someone confirm from which episode it taken, I watched the whole seris but don’t remember saw it I searched for along time on japanese sites it doesn’t exist and same thing for banjo’s mother

  8. Sardien Says:

    Both pictures are from the very next episode. Look forward to it 🙂

  9. go ishigawa Says:

    being excited to watch it , I watched many super robot shows old and new but I feel this one is very Unique thanks for the opportunity Sardien

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for your marvelous job.

    i need to ask about something and that’s when you will come back to work on the other projects like Great mazinger & Getter Robo because it has been more than 7 months since the last episode you made so far, please replay



  11. Lek Says:

    Glad to see this coming…Thks so much. Also hopes to see Reideen too.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    where do i get the .ass for the episodes

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