Daitarn 3 episode 39, now with rabbits


Here we are, the penultimate episode of Daitarn 3. We get a little bit of space travel, a little bit of weird science, a little bit of sidekick backstory and a shiny new finisher. Next episode everything comes to its explosive conclusion. Enjoy


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12 Responses to “Daitarn 3 episode 39, now with rabbits”

  1. henry Says:

    Thanks for all your efforts in translating this one of the best SR show, just one episode

  2. shamo0012 Says:

    Go!!!! More than an episode

  3. John Says:

    Awesome work! HUGE THANX!

  4. Lover of Hokuto's gay father Says:

    I know you get asked this everytime, including myself, but when can we expect Layzner? You really seem to have neglected it… I have no right to complain, but like getting more than 10 episodes and not a single episode of Layzner…

  5. WILLIAMS Says:

    Old series are always the best on top of them are :

    mazinger z, grendizer
    great mazinger, getter robo ,getter robo g

    Unlike new series of these days story have no meaning and Caused me headaches when I watch it like :

    dancouga nova
    shin mazinger z
    mazinkaizer slk when I just watched the pv I knew it was going into the abyss

    • starseeker Says:

      I disagree with you on Gaogaigar and Mazinkaiser. Gaogaigar is one of the Braves series that spanned the 90s and it is gleefully a toy commercial, but I’ll admit it really gets good around episode 30. Mazinkaiser is aimed at the people who like Mazinger, it’s short and sweet robot fun. Remember there were a lot of rather bad old mecha shows that the nostalgia filter filters out.

  6. WILLIAMS Says:

    I have a bad impression for every new anime Perhaps I have wronged Gaogaigar I really didn’t watch it , but mazinkaizer ova, vs ankokudaishougun and evanelion allow me please…terrible

    • starseeker Says:

      Evangelion is a dark take on super robots with psychobabble and Judeo-christian mythology. I think it’s overhyped but once you’ve seen a few mecha shows it starts to get creepy. The whole thing was supposedly planned as a Springtime for Hitler type thing though.
      The Mazinkaiser OVA did suffer badly from time compression and the fact it was remaking Mazinger vs Great General of Darkness (which we have subbed) with even more screwy continuity.

      Also Evangelion and Gaogaigar are both from 1996/1997, they’re not that new. If you like old school super robots, you’d probably like Gaogaigar, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  7. kidoga Says:

    Can anyone translate dialogue of this 2 images from srw manga please :




  8. char_az Says:


    I love super robot, I hope to visit my blog.

    I have added your site to my site.



  9. djmasturbeat Says:

    thanks for these subs everyone!

    would anyone care to please upload the raw DVDs at Asian DVD Club, Nyaa, Share/ PD, (or private trackers like u2, bhq, or w/e).

    I really want to make custom subbed DVDs with your subs. Tomino should be exposed to as many people as possible =D Many folks like to have untouched video and audio (if possible, I am one of them).

    Anyhow, thanks again for the time involved in doing this.

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