Daitarn 3, episode 40, borrowing the power of the sun one last time


Here it is, D-Day, the day you’ve been waiting for, the day where we finish releasing the old school giant super robot goodness that is Daitarn 3. Big thanks to the team that managed this all: SCIENCE, who translated the whole show based off the Italian, and made this whole show possible, Zefnex for being the first timer on the project, Sardien, who took over timing and editing after Zefnex disappeared for reasons unknown. My role in this was simply to check the translation against the Japanese after Science approached us for assistance due Zefnex’s aforementioned disapperance.

Here’s the link to the last episode, where we learn of Koros’ true intentions and Don Zauther awakens into a truly formidable foe:
Sendspace link (Megaupload was being bitchy)
Fixed Megaupload link

Also we have for you a full torrent with all 40 episodes. Please seed if you can, it would be much appreciated.

Edit: The first torrent had one of the episodes wrong, the current version is a fixed one.

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29 Responses to “Daitarn 3, episode 40, borrowing the power of the sun one last time”

  1. Jukebox Says:

    Fantastic. Thanks so much for this, everyone.

  2. Gunlord Says:

    Thanks, Starseeker, Sardien, SCIENCE, and everybody else who worked on this! You guys are true heroes!!

  3. Jacopo Says:

    If you translated it based on the the italian dubbing, I hope you use the second dub one who came out: the first, of the eighties, was in fact really weak and poor, and killed the meaning of Daitarn’s 3 ending…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Jacopo: All translations were checked against the original Japanese, so I’m confident they did a good job.

    /m/subs: Congrats on finishing this series!

  5. Lek Says:

    Big thks for your great work. You will be remembered everytime I see this anime.

  6. kidoga Says:

    Congrats on finishing this series!
    Thank you for all your efforts in subbing this I had followed you since you released episode 3 on manly funsub translating of this seris was my only wish ….but a man if he owned Valley of Gold he Wished to another valley My only wish now is to complete translating of Goshougun I’d like to know more about Dokouga On what basis they stole Haran Konzern of banjo in srw f,4 these kind of events make the series more interesting to me!

  7. getter Says:

    Thanks and great job to all the people that made this possible. Cheers!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    you guys are amazing, I hope that you can continue on Great Mazinger and Getter Robo G.


  9. Fabro Says:

    Thank you for your hard work on this, have to watch the last episode as soon as possible…~

  10. zeorymer Says:

    Big thanks to you guyz who work very hard on this project! awesome job!!

  11. ColTech Says:

    Tremendous work all around guys! Thanks for your dedication to the project. I hope that this is just the first of many classic series to be completed by the folks at mSubs and their various associates.
    I only wish I had some skills to lend to the team.
    Presently, half my files are archived, but I’ll get them out this weekend to join the seed pool.

  12. John Says:

    You guys are amazing, thanks a lot!

  13. regan strongblood Says:

    Msubs I love you!!!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Spectacular work, guys.

  15. Fabulous Anime Says:

    Thanks for your hard work

  16. Jack Says:

    Thank the character design is the same as Votoms, I will check out. Now that is out of the way, please concentrate on finishing Layzner.

  17. Lover of Hokuto's gay father Says:


  18. henry Says:

    thanks for your great job,
    when I watched episode 32 on italy banjo and others when they saw the flag for the first time and feared I thought it was because of the skull which in flag. It’s better to watch that episode without the knowledge of what is being said, it was really a great show !

  19. Zipdash McLaren Says:

    YOUUUU ROCKKKKKK!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for finishing this. Amazing work and dedication to doing something no commercial entity would do.

  20. Ryvius Says:

    May as well send out another mega thanks here as well! One step closer to having all of Tomino’s classics.

  21. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha Says:

    And then comes the question….. a new project will replace this one?

  22. fathomless7 Says:

    Massive thanks to all who worked on this project… and saw it through to completion.
    I never thought I’d see the day when I could enjoy the WHOLE Daitarn 3 series, subbed and presented well. Thanks to your dedication I can.

    Back to L-Gaim and the other projects now?

  23. LS Says:

    Absolutely amazing, thank you!

    What’s up next?

  24. kidoga Says:

    I have found a rare information about the storyline in one of the Italian sites and to be honest some of this information is not mentioned even in the Japanese sites and forums.

    translating from google :

    The Plot
    The series is set in the first decade of the twenty-first century. Professor Sozo Haran, a great scientist who moved earth to Mars, develop a new type of cyborg with a will of its own, called Megadeth.
    Shortly after their birth robots beyond the control of their creator and occupy Mars killing Dr. Haran, his wife and their eldest son Ded. Megadeth preparations are made to transform into robot slaves-all of Earth’s inhabitants to extend the domination of their empire over the whole universe.
    The youngest son of Dr. Haran, Banjo, helped by his mother, escapes from Mars on board of five rockets on which is loaded Daitarn 3, a powerful transformable robot was also built by his father, plus a huge amount of gold from ore mined in the world.
    Arrived on Earth the boy, helped dall’imperturbabile Butler Garrison, settles in a beautiful villa by the sea at the base of which installs a secret base from which the powerful transformable robot.
    They start out the adventures of our hero, driven by his hatred of the Megadeth and his father (their creator) – which blames the death of his mother and brother – manages to save Earth’s inhabitants from their terrible fate and to defeat the terrible Donzauker forever.

    The Finale
    Koros, the aide Donzauker, tired of repeated failures, he decided to throw against Mars the Earth to destroy all human beings.
    Banjo determined to anticipate the moves of the enemy and ready for a showdown, he decides to leave for Mars, accompanied by a team of assistants.
    While Garrison, Toppy, Beauty and Reika face the armed Megadeth onboard rockets, Banjo can break enemy lines and penetrate the palace Donzauker. Inside the fortress Banjo faces and defeats the evil Koros but a desperate plea for help the woman awakens Donzauker Megadeth, lying in a catatonic state. After an exhausting battle Dozauker is defeated by the determination of Banjo and the heroes can return to Earth.

    In the house getting ready for departure, Reika is the first to leave the house, followed by Toppy and Beauty. Garrison is the last to leave, closing the gates of the villa.

    Garrison is waiting at the bus stop in the pouring rain and in the villa you can see a faint light still on. Then, stamping his foot on the ground and cries out to heaven: “1, 2, 3, Daitarn III.

    Notes to the final

    The publication of the animated series by DYNIT, including a new Japanese dubbing more faithful to the original edition, with fans unleashed a series of observations about the characters and the final was not possible to grasp the issue known to the television general public.
    With these notes we try to give objective information resulting from the vision of the series, with particular attention to the last episode, with additional information derived from publications on Japanese artbooks and magazines identified as “official.”
    Points to summarize the major issues raised by the fans.

    Certainty expressed by the dialogues explicitly

    Banjo’s father is the creator of Megadeth, and he used his mother and brother of Banjo as guinea pigs
    Banjo, for the reason mentioned above, he hates his father and all that Megadeth are
    Zauker Don has always been driven by Koros and has stayed practically since Banjo was a child
    More than lovers, Koros and Don Zauser seem more husband and wife, since Koros turns to the brainy as “anata” which is a very formal way of saying “you”, but within a family is typically used his wife to contact her husband.
    Don Zauser refers to the father of Banjo as “commander Aran”
    At the time of maximum difficulty Banjo hears the voice of his father. His father says that he will win, because the human will is stronger. Banjo recovers and manages to destroy Don Zauser, but says clearly that does not accept the help of (spiritual) father and will do what he should do with his own strength
    Don Zauser is completely subdued by Koros even when awake (that does nothing but talk about punishing Banjo to have hurt Koros).
    When the Daitarn lands on Mars, Banjo clearly expresses its distaste for the ideals of his father, and refrain from delivering the coup de grace to Koros
    In the words of farewell Beauty, Reika Toppo and there is no hint of resentment about the situation.
    The ideal that all men of Megadeth to end the war and finally unite mankind under one banner is an ideal of Don Zauser. There is far from clear that this was the original draft of Dr. Aran.
    Given these certainties can draw many different considerations and assumptions more imaginative but they are not supported by evidence.
    1) could be a Banjo Megadeth – unlikely, is the hero of the story, so it is absolutely normal that it is not an ordinary person. Bend the steel? It can be seen only in the first episode, and moreover it is clear that doing so makes a lot of effort.
    2) Don Zauker could be the father Banjo – unlikely but not explicitly stated.
    3) Koros could be the mother of Banjo – unlikely, especially in light of the clashes in the final battle full of emotional intensity and “sex” which had little of the mother-child relationship.
    4) Koros could be the former girlfriend of Banjo
    5) Don Zauker could be the brother of one of the brothers Banjo

    Evidently the final, are characterized by the classic “happy ending”, has left open to many interpretations and suggestive hypotheses that make this series even more intriguing and exciting.

    Thanks to SaotomeMondo, who read and commented on the latest episode in the original language of Japanese

    Thanks to Lucam for his highly detailed information provided to me that makes it official custodian of Knowledge of Daitarn3.

    source http://www.encirobot.com/dait/dait-ind.asp

  25. kidoga Says:

    I didn’t like the idea that don is a father of banjo and koros is his mother, the information that has been confirmed is that sozo was killed by don zauker How he was able to return to life and became the same person same thing for banjo’s mother

  26. ichido reichan Says:

    Hey guys, now that you finish your main old school project, if it wasn’t too much trouble, could you continue VOTOMS GENEI HEN? cause there’s a new OVA series coming up in 2011 with Chirico Meeting Gotho and his friends after 32 years, shinsen subs won’t finish genei hen, but I wish you guys could…VOTOMS FOREVER!!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Hi guys

    Can you re seed Daitarn 3 please? I just found out about this one and no one is seeding it…

  28. yaminoseigi Says:

    Seriously Daitarn 3’s anime leaves me so disappointed with such weird end since the series was quite awesome in SRW series. I still wonder why Tomino decided to pull such twist, is it for the sake to spite his sponsors?

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