[mSubs-Onmitsu-classic] Goldran 13


Well after a long absence, sasword returned to grace us with some new subs, so here is episode 13 of Goldran the bling Brave. Episode 14 will come soonish.


The MU link is apparently still being worked on.
MU link
Thanks to VF-kun for the MU link


19 Responses to “[mSubs-Onmitsu-classic] Goldran 13”

  1. LoH's Gay Father Says:

    It’s been over 27 episodes since Layzner 20? What’s up with that? Not sure if you did Mozaika as well, but minus mozaika it’s 23… It’s a ridicilous number… Did you decide to do Daitaan just to get it finished/out of your way? Still that’s a COMPLETE ignore on your Eeeji fans… I have no right to complain, i know you, you’re a great group, but what the f***k…

    • starseeker Says:

      Fuck you. Layzner is being worked on, juggling a load of projects and work here. Not to mention we have more than 1 translator, I didn’t work on Mozaika.

  2. Zero Says:

    it’s great to see another episode of goldran finally subbed, just wanna say thanks and keep up the great work

  3. lharoon Says:

    Cheers guys. You’re pretty much single-handedly keeping my love for anime alive. Haven’t yet seen any of Goldran, but it might be a good time to start.

  4. GouNoKen Says:

    Hi there.

    First of: Thank you guys for providing fansubs of this quality to old time anime. It´s great that there´s still is people out there putting their hearts and souls into this.

    Have been following the fansubs on both ManlySubs and on Sasword´s blogspot: but this questions might be for Sasword:

    Do you have any plans on releasing more episodes of Getter Robo and Great Mazinger aswell as the other mechas? Or are those projects completly on ice?

  5. sasword Says:

    goldran 14 is in qc, grg11 is in qc, layzner fans piss me the fuck off and ill probably only do more if i receive donations from those faggots. cheers.

  6. GouNoKen Says:

    Sound good youré back on track with fansubbing. I´m looking forward for the next grg episode.

    Good luck to you and to the rest of the team.

  7. LS Says:

    I’m a Layzner fan and these guys piss ME off. Try to ignore them, Sasword. It’s a great series, and I’m very appreciative of you and the others doing it. If you continue, appreciate it a great deal. Thanks for all the hard work.

  8. LoH's Gay Father Says:

    What did i say so bad? The tree of you acted childish and lame by replyin in such a way. I just asked how did you decide to do 26 episodes yet not one of Layzner? The fuck is wrong with that?

    • starseeker Says:

      I don’t think that’s the real sasword…

    • Windom Says:

      I guess that’s because most people (including you, unfortunately) always took it the wrong way that everyone seems to be purposefully ignoring layzner.

      Here’s the facts, so that we’re clear:
      -Mozaika is done by ametuchi, not by the folks that is usually working on layzner. We can’t really force him (her? pardon me if I’m wrong) to do TL on layzner.

      -starseeker’s role in Daitarn is just to check the translation from the italian dub (which is done by SCIENCE! from manly) to be accurate or not. In case you’re wondering, just checking a translation is definitely easier than making a translation

      -I’m not really an expert on Japanese, but I took a glimpse on the raws and concludes that Layzner is pretty hard to translate (at least, in my view). Also, sasword just returned recently (Where have you been going, man? People missed you! Well, your works, specifically)

      I guess they just snapped at your comments, saying they
      COMPLETELY IGNORING layzner. I don’t know about you, but if I’m pretty busy with other stuffs and a lot of people are accusing me of something I didn’t do, and they did it over and over again (seriously, look how much ‘dude this is nice but WHERE’S LAYZNER’ comments in the past articles), I’d be prone to snapping too.

      There. Can we all get along together now?

  9. sasword Says:

    saswordmsubs.blogspot.com now accepting paypal donations for layzner work. i need $50 for internet in a week, if you can help at all, ill focus on some layzners.

  10. LS Says:

    Meh…I’m sorry my fandom gives you so much crap, guys. Hope you keep going. I’ll drop some cash for your subs later, Sasword. Starseeker, let me know if I can ever do some proofreading work for you guys.

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