Getter Robo G 11


Here’s Getter Robo G episode 11 from sasword.
MU link

MU link


18 Responses to “Getter Robo G 11”

  1. ColTech Says:

    At long last, GRG back on track!!!
    Thanks for returning to the fold, Sasword!
    Looking forward to more great classic mecha subs from you and the entire mSubs team!

  2. GouNoKen Says:

    Can just say the same.

    Thanks for bringing GRG back to us once more. I can just hope more of this will be released aswell as the other mechas.

    Cheers to you and the mSubs team!

  3. Ladynaye Says:

    Thanks for doing Getta Robo G once again! I love the series. Maybe you guys could do UFO Robo Grendizer too?

  4. Chibi Says:

    thank you very much, I hope we’ll have some Great Mazinger episodes soon ^^


  5. Anonymous Says:

    you guys are the best, i hope that you can finish the show ASAP


  6. Ryvius Says:

    Nice tits!

  7. Onizuka Says:

    awesome! thanks!

  8. Getta Robo Says:

    thank you guys! keep it up!

  9. sotcru33 Says:

    THANK YOU!!! Been awhile… but it was worth the wait… Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated…

  10. hisham Says:

    what about Getter Robo episode 19 ?

  11. marek Says:

    Hello, can i have the pack subs english of this anime (ep. 1-39)?..
    In italy 13 episodes are inedited, then i’d like to translate this episodes from english subs.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    this project is abandoned?

  13. GouNoKen Says:


    How is the status concerning the Getter Robo series, Great Mazinger etc. Have you guys dropped them all? All one has seen lately is L-Gaim & Bryger.. Great by the way that Ufo Robo Grendizer was picked up and is ongoing.

    • starseeker Says:

      Getter and Mazinger, the translator’s AWOL, no-one’s heard from him in months. It’s kinda on hiatus until he either returns, or one of the other translators decides to pick it up.

  14. scooby666 Says:

    How about creating a kickstarter project so we can donate and help fund this project? I know I’d be happy to kick in $50-$100 to see this completed.

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