L-Gaim episode 37


I was expecting to have a Layzner release out but random stuff has happened and I’ll probably implement plan B in the next few days to get the release out before Christmas. (Yes I am annoyed at the delays, it’s factors beyond my control).

In the meantime enjoy some Starlight Shower and snowy flashbacks that look just like the view from my window.


7 Responses to “L-Gaim episode 37”

  1. Anon Says:


  2. Ryvius Says:


  3. Copyman Says:

    Thanks for this. I hope msubs can re-release the previous episodes at some point as well.
    If that happens will msubs use Shin-Getter’s subtitles and create new subtitles?

    • starseeker Says:

      I think it’s unlikely because we’d have to check over all of the 30 or so episodes we didn’t sub (we have the rough scripts kindly provided by Shin-Getter’s translator, we occasionally use them for reference). Yes the Shin-Getter release is hardsubbed but it’s still watchable subs.

  4. Copyman Says:

    I see. Do you think you could upload those rough scripts to megaupload?
    The reason I ask is because I’ve had the Japanese DVD’s for a few years and would like to sub them. I subbed the first disc with the HK bootleg subs but they were horrible so I stopped.
    If there’s anyway I could use Shin-getter’s scripts I’d be very grateful. Even if they would need a lot of editing it would be fine, better than the HK scripts.

    I add subs to DVD ISO’s & upload torrents to AsianDVDClub.org. Here is my blog if interested: copyman-projects.blogspot.com, thanks

    • Xeogred Says:

      I don’t get you guys that do that kind of thing over at AsianDVDClub. Why? Would rather just see people re-encode half the rare anime stuff I find there and get it out there more widely available to everyone else in usual formats, which can be converted to DVD’s easily if people want.

  5. Copyman Says:

    I don’t understand how you don’t get why people prefer full DVD quality over highly compressed DVD rips.

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