L-Gaim 38


I really wanted to do a Science Fiction Double Feature with both Layzner and L-Gaim but the subninjas intervened on Layzner, so that’s still in final checking.

Anyways this episode we get the beginning of the plan clusterfuck of the last arc (hopefully a lot less confusing with coherent subs) and the good guys coming up with the sort of plan usually reserved for villains in a Gundam series.



8 Responses to “L-Gaim 38”

  1. Pyoro Says:

    Holy crap, /m/subs LIVES!

    Is the Layzner delay a Fouron/Phoron debate? 😉

    • starseeker Says:

      No, I was outvoted on that (voting is now stacked 3-1 against Fouron). It’s just fixing the last few little bits where the translation is almost, but not quite right.

  2. WILLIAMS Says:

    ep 38 +Another Century’s Episode Portable + L-gaim mkII robot damashii
    this month is l-gaim month 🙂

  3. CaptainPicard Says:

    Finally \o/

    Good job.

  4. Ryvius Says:

    Now that’s an epic screengrab. Haha.

    So is this when all the supposed idea’s for Zeta/ZZ come in or something? Always heard about that.

    • starseeker Says:

      Possibly, L-Gaim aired the year before Zeta.

      The screengrab was me grabbing unusual screencaps in a hurry for release.

  5. A_serb_is_a_gay Says:

    Howcome Layzner 21 has been for 3 hours or so on tokyotosho but no updates here?

    Btw Happy New Year and thanks for your hard work.

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