Ultra-transforming Magic Robot Ginguiser


Before anyone asks, this was a one-off I originally planned to do to as a prank for my uni’s anime society. It rapidly mutated into a mind destroying hellhole of a project. I am not doing episode 2, ever. Yes I know ARR beat me to it, I’d already got the 1st draft translation done and timed, and my timer threatened to do some very nasty things to me if I wasted his effort so I spent 3 evenings testing my sanity trying to finish it.


Updates on other projects: Gaiking project is most probably dropped as there are official subs with the DVD footage on Hulu, rendering the project a bit redundant.
Layzner 22 is in checking. May have a new project starting soon, once my sanity is back.

Seriously this gif says how sane this show is


25 Responses to “Ultra-transforming Magic Robot Ginguiser”

  1. EpicLotus Says:

    Thanks for this :). An episode to watch is still an episode to watch!

  2. Zer-o Says:

    now that mech is one hell of a cluster fuck, well atleast you guys are keeping active and busy with your projects unlike one group I’ve seen lately, hey whatever happend to goldran? not nagging for a rush just curious

  3. ColTech Says:

    Sorry to hear that Gaiking is likely on the chopping block. I was excited to see this with good subs, and without the ubly time-stamp.
    Unfortunately, it seems that I’m unable to access hulu, since I’m not in the US.
    Is anyone aware of a workaround?

  4. fathomless Says:

    ARR only beat you with the raws.
    I for one am still more than happy to enjoy your profesh subbed version.

    Great work (and what a great prank it must have been!)
    Now go get that sanity back!

  5. KaioShin Says:

    That gif alone… somehow this reminds me of the CDI Zelda games and their FMVs in terms of horribleness.

    Btw: No mention of L-Gaim status? *puppyeyes*

    • starseeker Says:

      I just translation check L-Gaim, so I just wait for Ametuchi to do her draft and gunlord to time it. Before then I have no idea of its status.

  6. hisham80 Says:

    you said that there is subs for Gaiking,i don’t know what is that hulu you’re talking about,but i hope you can help me find a way for Gaiking coz i have it with italian dubbing 😦

  7. Machine Mess Says:

    That is one of the most messed up shows I have ever seen. Thank you.

  8. Ejecta Says:

    The discontinuation of Gaiking is sad news.

    Having the episodes streaming on hulu is fine so long as their license holds out, but it would have been nice to finally have a good quality archival copy of the series.

  9. Ryvius Says:

    New project? I think you guy should focus only on what’s in the works right now, but that’s me… lol.

    Might check this out for the lulz

  10. Ape Sentai MONKEYMAN Says:

    It’s beautiful!

    This show messed with head more than Evangelion.

  11. Brian Says:

    How do you watch Ginguizer with the subtitles? The files don’t appear to have them. Do you do free dubs if I provide the blank DVD & s&h? Or do you do free trades? There were several titles I’d like to get but they don’t appear to play on my computer. The Raideen #15 you have, is that the 1970′s series? I can share copies of the Hawaiian version of other episodes if you want old scripts for future episodes, PLMK. Since you like the 1st J-9 series BRYGAR, do you know anything about the 4th unmade J9 series called OSSENGER ? Was there ever a manga series for that? PLMK,

  12. Dave Justice Says:

    Sup mates, can anyone spare some seeds for Ginguiser, please? It looks massively OMGWTFBBQ retarded yet… there can be beauty in such madness so I’ll probably love it long time ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  13. eddie archuleta Says:

    the bayfiles link does not work and gives me file not found can you please upload this to mega file please

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