Science Fiction double feature. L-Gaim and Dendoh


For today’s regular A-feature we have episode 40 of Heavy Metal L-Gaim. This episode is our main translator Ametuchi’s favourite episode of the series. In the episode we meet Full Flat, who apart from winning the Tomino silliest name award, is very much the Dragon Lady of L-Gaim, a schemer who always has the upper hand.


For our B feature we have a new project for you, Gear Fighter Dendoh. Picking up from where ODF left off, here is episode 12 of a more modern mecha series that manages to be both fun and toyetic. Interestingly it’s written and directed by the pair who would later write Gundam Seed. The idea for this came from a guy called Leo-Pilot on /m/ who decided to try and clean up the HK scripts for this show, I volunteered to check the translations and that’s how this ended up here.
And when I say this show is toyetic…the mech runs off giant AA batteries, it’s glorious.


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27 Responses to “Science Fiction double feature. L-Gaim and Dendoh”

  1. doddy Says:

    Instead if starting all these new projects why dont you just finish layzner,
    The guy at X-nebula started dougram way after you started layzner and hes finished that show by himself and it way 78 episodes aswell he will be done panzer before layzner which he half way done, at 38 episodes I dont understand why you dont wrap it up before starting denDOH!

    With that thanks for all you efforts, best of luck, I hope you finish layzner before 2012.

    • starseeker Says:

      Layzner cannot be worked on any faster due to the number of translators. Until I get it back from checking there is no release. I am working on Layzner as fast as I can on my end.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Keep up the good work. starseeker are you the translators around?

  3. BEA Says:

    Dendoh, nice, another mecha series in my line, or so I think. I read it was made by the people behind the idea of The Saint of Braves Baan Gaan.

    Thanks for the great work.

  4. Random whiner Says:

    Rather than thank you for spending hours of your time providing anime fans with free subtitles, I would like to whine about the fact that you are starting new projects instead of exclusively working on what I want to see.

    In future, please make sure to only work on shows that I would like to see. I would offer to help, but I am lazy and have no actual skills apart from the ability to whine in the comments section.

  5. Zer-o Says:

    good luck to you guys with dendoh Lots of groups tried to start it but never finish so again good luck

  6. Ryvius Says:

    Well I brought up maybe it wasn’t a good idea to start a new project myself in the last release thread, but did you guys completely read over this update? Starseeker clearly states she is double checking scripts done by someone else, so what’s the problem? That and as it’s been drilled away endlessly before, mSubs is made up of different people on different projects around, Starseeker does her best to hold the fort and keep these things together.

    You guys are hilarious, damn.

  7. Just a normal-regular-translator serbian faggot... Says:

    starseeker keeps his cool… It’s a mystery how he does that… For example take a look at my name – i’m LoH from Hokuto no Gun, and i’m a serbian faggot who gets excited really easily… Are there gay gentleman who can fuck a lonely serbian-translator-who’s-boss-is-bald faggot?

    Thanks for your hard work, after all i’m just a normal faggot, i bow before your subbing qualities, my humble gay group sucks…

  8. moeke Says:

    love your work your doing anmes that others dropped .
    but is there a possibility that you guys post the first 5 episodes links
    from dendoh.
    try to dl them from ODF but no full seeds anymore
    please can you help

  9. Jems Says:

    thanks for episde 40, about Dendoh does this mean that the episodes that I downloaded from Isohunt weren’t good subtitles ?

    • starseeker Says:

      Only full subbed version is the HK subs. They’re not awful but they still needed a fair bit of editing and cleaning to get them up to standard.

  10. Glock Says:

    Layzner one of these days ?

  11. zedro qwan Says:

    Any chance for some new layzner?
    It seems to be the most popular show you guys are covering…

    • starseeker Says:

      I’d love to as well, problem is both me and Iriliane the checker have exams soon so revision comes first.

      • Pyoro Says:

        Not to be a pain: but would you be able to provide us with the dates of your exams?

        It’s mostly so I can stop myself from checking /m/subs day-after-day in the vain hope that there’s a Layzner release…

  12. Pyoro Says:

    I can’t wait that long!

    I’d rather just have your exam dates quantified…

  13. riku3008 Says:

    Any chance of the Dendoh project being picked up again?

  14. Xenos Says:

    So is Dendoh dead for you guys? I googled frantically after I noticed quality dropped on subs I’m using and found you guys. GREAT work so far.

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