[Bro-Lord] Votoms Alone Again


The Bro-Lord duo asked me to post this for them again. This is the last of the 3 new VOTOMs festival OVAs, it’s apparently set between Shining Heresy and the 3rd episode of Phantom Arc. Yes I know gg beat them to it, they wanted to do it anyway.

Subtitled mkv

As for the normal /m/subs projects, I got in contact with the L-Gaim translator Ametuchi, she’s been busy with work, other stuff is delayed because I have uni finals next week and have been too tired/stressed to translate.

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17 Responses to “[Bro-Lord] Votoms Alone Again”

  1. Zer-o Says:

    best of luck to you on your finals, hey I have one question though, since you guys started subbing dendoh how come you just started off where another group left off

    • starseeker Says:

      Why not?

      • Zer-o Says:

        most other groups I’ve seen start off where someone else left off, what I just wonder is why didn’t they just start the whole thing over. guess it could be a thing with extra work but that’s only a guess

    • LordOfTheBored Says:

      Given the Dendoh curse, it’s the only sane approach.

      What is it, six groups that have subbed the first handful of episodes over the years?
      Oppai Drill made it exactly ONE episode farther than the prior record holder before vanishing off the face of the Earth.

      Why redo the same episodes we’ve had since 2003 when you could start in on the HK-Bootleg-Onry episodes instead?

      • starseeker Says:

        Pretty much, plus we’re not fond of duplicating efforts when dealing with a show that’s had no subs for years and often thought to be cursed. Sole time we did something with existing scripts was Layzner 9-16, where there were Lupin Gang scripts to hand, but they were fairly error prone (the sub-tronium engine bit becoming a semi-legendary cockup).

  2. De Serbo Fagotinii111155 Says:

    It’s okay. Take your tame. Don’t listen to those faggots who rush you (uum i’m a faggot, but you get my point).

    – your fearless leader Lover of Gaykuto!

  3. Jacopo Says:

    I didn’t understand: all other projectS are deleted? Even Layzner?

  4. MNV Says:

    I had no idea Votoms existed before SRWZ2. I wish I had come across it sooner, it really broke major ground for the whole Real Robot genre.

  5. Zack Cody Frankenstein Says:

    Sorry you are stressed and tired…

    These translating projects are just something you do for fun, and if you can’t do what you enjoy that has to suck. I can relate!

  6. WILLIAMS Says:

    I’m new to this series is it good to watch ? just drew my attention his appearance in z2, It’s not my habit to watch any series before appearing in srw games. l-gaim->F, layzner->64….ect

  7. Anonymous for now Says:

    Are you perhaps still looking for people? I’m a translator that loves old school mecha shows. I don’t mind timing the subs either if you don’t have enough workforce.

    • starseeker Says:

      Of course we’re looking for new people. PM me on the forums with what shows interest you and we’ll see what we can do. We’re perpetually short on translators.

  8. Anonymous Fan Says:

    I know your very busy, but will any New Goldran episodes ever come out at all sometime in the futrue? Sorry if I sound rude or anythinge, but sometimes I think I’m the only person on the web that actually cares about and watches this particular series.

    • starseeker Says:

      I hope so, problem is one of the translators has disappeared again. When he comes back we’ll probably have to have a chat and sort things out.

  9. Stuff currently missing in a post-nyaa world | /m/subs Says:

    […] [Bro-Lord] Votoms Alone Again […]

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