[X-Nebula-mSubs] Galactic Cyclone Bryger 3 and 4


Been a while since this project came up, hopefully will see more of it soon. Anyways, here’s 2 brand new episodes of J9 exploits to keep you entertained brought to you in a co-production with the hard working Crinn from X-Nebula. We have an episode involving poor working conditions on Venusian satellites, and sabotage on asteroid pleasure cruises. Eeyay.

Episode 3
Episode 4 DDL

And before anyone bitches about Layzner, I’m still poking the translation checker who’s holding it up and rounding up scripts my end.

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17 Responses to “[X-Nebula-mSubs] Galactic Cyclone Bryger 3 and 4”

  1. Nanto Says:

    As much as I love Laynzer, I’ve been hoping for more episodes of subtitled Bryger even more. Big thanks to Crinn & Starseeker!

  2. fathomless7 Says:

    What a great ‘side project’ to throw at us in between Layzner!

    Thanks, you two. Couldn’t have asked for a better surprise this week.

  3. Zer-o Says:

    if all your guys translaters are slacking instead of poking them normally why not whack em over the head with a paper fan?

  4. Phelps Says:

    Is is just me, or does the OP music sounds a little faster when compared to the first two episodes?

  5. MNV Says:

    Spent this winter watching all of Bryger unsubbed and it makes me very happy to see some work done on bringing it to us baka gaijin. It was an awesome show.

  6. Zeorymer.Ω Says:

    Big thanks to you guyz for making this possible. Hope to see more projects…. heheh….

  7. badi Says:

    Get this guy to help with Layzner its never going to be completed at this rate, please get him to help, Layzner is the most wanted show on here as you can tell by the response, also I would like to add much thanks for all your efforts msubs is great and I am so thankful for your works.

    • starseeker Says:

      I have explained this before, adding more translators to Layzner is not going to help, and I think I have a plan to get it out quicker.

      • Pyoro Says:

        It would seem as if you need to subtract some translators then, so you could add this new one…

        • Zer-O Says:

          taking away one and replacing it with another wouldn’t be much of a solution sure it’s a fresh set of eyes and ears to work on the subs but eventually the new translator would just go the way of the one they replaced, what needs to be done is give /m/ subs enough time to work on it instead of egging them on to get it out faster

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