[X-nebula-/m/subs] Bryger 10-11


Double bill this time because Crinn is a frickin subbing machine god. In one episode we get some backstory on Omachi, and it seems no-one knows the name of the 7th moon of Jupiter (it’s Elara). And in the other episode we have a proper bond girl and get to see some of Issac’s backstory.

Episode 10 DDL
Episode 11 DDL

Notes on Layzner. I am not a machine god like Crinn, who has ascended to subbing godhood. I am a meer mortal trying to keep a project on the rails, dealing with mortals who are just as flawed. We will finish it, dammit we will.

6 Responses to “[X-nebula-/m/subs] Bryger 10-11”

  1. Pyoro Says:

    Perhaps it just might be time for some divine intervention…

  2. Pyoro Says:

    I’ll…take your word on that.

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