Layzner 23


Was hoping for a double release but oh well. Enjoy some fun with killsats and a very sharp end to the Cold War.

If anyone is remotely interested, the mkv has chapters in it, because a mate of mine really wanted to do it, and I needed to borrow his server for seeding this.




29 Responses to “Layzner 23”

  1. Taoshi Says:

    thankzzz!!!!!!!! this anime is one of the best.
    i’ll wait no matter what until you finish it 😀
    great work… keep on!!


  2. Loke Says:

    More Layzner! Yay! Thanks!

  3. godnary Says:

    Thanks for your efforts, I hope Layzner will be completed one day.
    M subs rules!!

  4. Pyoro Says:

    1 more until you finish the 1st season.

    My body is-LEADI!

  5. nantovision Says:

    Episode 25 (the first of the second story arc) is my favorite. Not just because the sponsors get Takahashi-sama to go all Hokuto no Ken 2 with the format, but because of the reunion between Eiji and Anna at the end. After watching hours of the show in one of those con hotel room VHS dubbing parties, that was just the emotional payoff I was waiting for.

    Anyway, thanks and keep up the good work!

  6. navin75 Says:

    looking forward to mp4 version I cant get mkv version to work

  7. zak Says:


  8. navin75 Says:

    thanks. I think Spt layzner unsung gems of 80s anime.

  9. Pyoro Says:

    Does this still get Xvid releases?

  10. Jacopo Says:

    Oh yeah! Finally! Thank you!

  11. navin75 Says:

    Do also plan on doing avi batch for Bryger

  12. Mechmainiac Says:

    Wow yes you guys doo work thank you sooo much

  13. Pyoro Says:

    So…whatever happened to that double-release eh?

  14. Rikkan Says:

    I keep coming back to the Layzner pages in particular because I’m still playing catch-up, and I gotta say the pic you chose for this release is so appropiate.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    hey guys, just thanking you for the great job you did for Layzner, hope you’ll proceed with the following episodes =)

  16. Dr Karim Says:

    Is There Anyway To Download This Episode ???
    Missind some Episodes already
    Newly watched it & missing the episodes frpm 18-23

    SOS PLZ 😦 !!!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    fancy have megaupload has your DDL baka

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