L-Gaim 45



For you guys expecting Layzner for Christmas, I’m so terribly, terribly sorry. What I thought would be a simple Christmas job turned into a job from hell due to a mixture of being given the one shift that was a bitch for me to make and then pay not showing up on time, and even then incorrectly, I got to spend 2 weeks either stressed or being very zoned out, not the most conductive thing getting Layzner out on a deadline. This episode is brought to you courtesy of having work end a day early and having pay actually show up.

Anyways, back to L-Gaim, where we have a super-toxic nuclear reactor with a timed self-destruct system, people not realising that space is radioactive already, and bloody big as well, with a very Tomino deus ex machina. Seriously I can’t think of any director who pulls off that particular type of bloody bizzare.

DDL: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CVZMDACN

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8 Responses to “L-Gaim 45”

  1. regan strongblood Says:

    The fact you are working on L-Gaim and Layzner at all make you guys my heros! Cant wait for more Layzner and of course I like Heavy Metal L-Gaim aswell.

  2. navin75 Says:

    in the future plan to release avi or mp4 all L-Gaim. ?

  3. LoH of Gay-kuto Says:

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for your efforts.

  4. MNV Says:

    Yay, more L-Gaim! Thanks for your continuing efforts.

  5. Jack. Says:

    Only 9 episodes to go, almost there!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Can anyone get this on a filehost that hasn’t been shut down? thanks to all the team for these releases. I had almost given up hope of ever seeing this show.

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