[X-nebula-/m/subs] Bryger 25


This episode we have bar brawls, a trip out to Uranus (which smells of death) and a giant fish mecha. Enjoy


DDL: http://bayfiles.com/file/1MLR/yj8qTX/Galactic_Cyclone_Bryger_25.mkv

I’ll work on getting some more Bryger DDLs up today.
Best J9 song never used in series

8 Responses to “[X-nebula-/m/subs] Bryger 25”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Thanks for finding a solution to the DDL problem!

  2. Fox Says:

    Giant fish mecha? Then I just have to say it

    a huge battleship is approaching

  3. chris Says:

    OMG!!!! m/subs i thank you for these episodes but plz can you show the next episode of layzner or at least give a hint when it will be out?

  4. Anthony Says:

    When you have the chance, can you put up a DDL link for episode 24? Once I get that one, I’ll be caught up. Thanks for doing all this!

  5. Anthony Says:


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