[X-nebula-/m/subs] Bryger 27-28


Double bill of Bryger this time, with a 2 parter covering the asteroid carnival. But lurking in the shadows is a mysterious assassin, a dashing rogue and an usually high amount of fanservice. Viva the solar children.

Episode 27
Episode 28

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8 Responses to “[X-nebula-/m/subs] Bryger 27-28”

  1. chris Says:


  2. MNV Says:

    *gasp!* These episodes contain some filthy boning unless I miss my guess. I’ve forgotten a lot of things from this show, but I do remember the boning and saying to myself “wow, how edgy!”

  3. Anonymous Says:

    those japanese(me)!… they don’t know when they give up when it comes to filthy boning.

  4. john doe (@Anawnnemus) Says:

    Excellent job guys. Just wanted to let you know that raws of God Sigma are available:


    Let me know if you guys are interested 🙂

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