L-Gaim 49


This episode we get to the actual invasion of Sveto and Operation Stardust (seriously how many episodes did that take to set up), and we get some of the Poseydal/Full Flat/Mian backstory, which looks a lot like the current set up of the love triangle.
Would’ve had this out a few days ago but various computer technical issues made me want to (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



20 Responses to “L-Gaim 49”

  1. luurah Says:

    Congrats on another awesome release! Thanks for releasing more L-Gaim! Only five more to go… 😀

  2. Goh Says:

    Thanks for the release. We’re in the home stretch.

  3. chris Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Its been a while sine crin release Galactic Cyclone Bryger . I hope doing okay.

  5. chris Says:


  6. supersonic Says:

    It’s so exciting. Both L-Gaim and Xabungle have only 4/5 eps remaining. Soon, all of the infamous 80s Tomino will be available to the public.

    • kudosforce Says:

      You said it! I can hardly wait myself. 😀

      Honestly, I’m so glad that there are fansub groups out there that are still around to handle those giant robot shows, which have been sorely neglected in the subbing circuit.

      Say, do you think Msubs will go for Go Nagai’s repertoire next?

      • kudosforce Says:

        (by that, I do mean the stuff that hasn’t been nabbed/finished yet, like Great Mazinger and the original Gaiking)

        • starseeker Says:

          Well Great Mazinger is on hiatus due to no translator, and Gaiking has no raws.

          • kudosforce Says:

            Well, that’s a bummer. Ah well.

            Speaking of Gaiking, I’m aware that while doing LODM may not be possible for a long time, if ever, you oughta know that Hulu’s official subs are, from what I hear…rather sub-par.

            That aside, good luck finishing L-Gaim! ^_^ d

            • starseeker Says:

              The Gaiking LoDM subs are at least comprehensible, which puts it on a lower priority than stuff with no or lolHK subs (seriously the HK subs for the last arc of L-Gaim were incomprehensible)

              • kudosforce Says:

                That’s a good point there.

                Speaking of incomprehensible subs, it would be nice if something was done for Ninja Senshi Tobikage. I barely understood anything going on in the first episode…

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