L-Gaim 50


This episode we get Tomino writing turned up to maximum derp, people act out of character, female characters act completely nonsensically, and someone minor gets killed off really randomly because why not.


Rough relationship chart for the show so far, not put political relationships on it because that’s just overly complex

10 minutes in paint

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26 Responses to “L-Gaim 50”

  1. ムズムズ Says:

    good job guys! the relationship chart which wasn’t available on any l-gaim’s art books was also saved with my episodes.

    • starseeker Says:

      Might have a scan of the artbook somewhere, I just made up the diagram in 10 mins in paint to try and explain the mess of love triangles to a mate.

      • Kellhus Says:

        An artbook I would love to see. Some great mecha design here.

        And of course thanks much for the effort. I will most certainly be watching this series once you guys have fully subbed it.

  2. cavalier Says:

    Thank you so much. I love this show, and I can’t wait to see its conclusion

  3. luurah Says:

    Congratulations on another release of L-Gaim! Almost at the home stretch… keep up the great work! Only four more to go…

  4. chris Says:


    • kudosforce Says:

      The people working on those eps have lives, you know. >_>

      Also, for Eiji’s sake, please BE PATIENT. Granted, I want to see the series finished too but let’s not be antsy about it here. It’s not like the folks on here are working on 10 series at once!

      Good grief.

    • luurah Says:

      Will you use the three brain cells you have to shut your damn piehole already?!

    • Pyoro Says:

      This has to be a meta-troll because nobody could possibly be this genuinely annoying…right?

      • chris Says:

        1) I am not a troll, I am saying how I geniuely feel how it takes 5 months to release ONE layzner episode (no recaps) …. 2)Those who find me annoying.. I could do worst in my comments , I never once cursed, made racial comments or talk about the site in a negative way …. Lastly, if my comments are still annoying to you then… DON’T READ THEM… good day.

        • Pyoro Says:

          Alternately, if your comments are annoying everybody else, maybe YOU should take some responsibility & shut the Hell up…you sub-literate moron.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You’re right. We need more Layzner.
      Since many months they say they’re working on it but no release = no more trust.
      And BTW, L-Gaim is mostly by Mamoru Nagano, not Tomino. Read 5SS.

      • kudosforce Says:

        Look at it this way: once L-Gaim is done (which won’t be too far if the dev doesn’t get dragged any more), THEN they’ll switch their focus to something else that needs to be done.

        At least this subbing group shows signs of being alive, unlike others I won’t name here.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Nagano supplied nothing but the mecha designs. In fact he supposedly disliked L-Gaim very much and his disappointment in the show was what led him to create Five Star Stories.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Did you see the fatima on the head of a certain L-Gaim’s mecha? Did you notice that some characters (people) in 5SS are the same of L-Gaim?
          Nagano supplied mecha design and a lot of ideas about the story. Tomino was the main director, but didn’t put too much in.
          And actually, well… L-Gaim was only a test that Sunrise made to understand how to make Z Gundam.

      • Pyoro Says:

        Obvious Samefag is axiomatic.

  5. fathomless7 Says:

    I second that, luurah.
    Patience, grasshopper. Fansubbers have lives too!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Great job guys, only 4 episodes to go until this show will finally be all available in english after 27 years.

    If you keep the paste and release one episode per month, this show will be finished by November 2012.

  7. chris Says:

    To Bad Pyoro bitch NEED MOAR LAYZNER!!!!

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