[X-nebula-/m/subs] Bryger 36


Here we have the 2nd half of Mr Fabulous and the Mercury Monstrosity, have fun.


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38 Responses to “[X-nebula-/m/subs] Bryger 36”

  1. kudosforce Says:

    Keep up at it guys! You’re getting close to the end. 😀

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks, but what happened to Giant Gorg ;_;

  3. luurah Says:

    Sweet… more braiger! That makes me happy! Thank you for another excellent episode!

  4. chris Says:

    ………STILL NEED MOAR LAYZNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • luurah Says:


    • Kenshiro Says:

      Still need Chris to kill himself. It’ll be done when it’s done.

    • Pyoro Says:

      How does somebody this dumb even remember how to breathe?

      • chris Says:

        hmmmm.,….. so typing the words “STILL NEED MOAR LAYZNER” means that you are dumb….. interesting…..

        • Pyoro Says:

          No, but your display of how you’re completely missing the point is a more accurate portrayal of why you’re an idiot.

          Also, stop trying to come off as pensive.

          • chris Says:

            hmmm… I’m missing the point.. OHHH NOOOOO!!!!

            • Pyoro Says:

              Well, at least you can recognise + admit it.

              Now maybe work on getting a personality that doesn’t suck.

              • chris Says:

                Ouch! I feel so sad being insulted by a random person’s comment. He is texting like he is a nice person, but he is more nastier than me for starting a comment war against me the moment he responded to my comment that has nothing to do with him. HA. AND the moment you reply to me in a negative way you will prove my point. BYE !!!

                • Pyoro Says:

                  Keep telling everybody you’re not bothered. It’s convincing.

                  And trying to make out that I’m trying to come off as “a nice person” is clueless, even you.

                  Free Advice? Stop writing the same inane comment every time /m/subs put out a release. You are accomplishing nothing positive, you just make yourself look like a whiny, entitled brat.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the hard work, guyz! another great episode from Braiger… More Power and keep it up!

  6. starseeker Says:

    Don’t make me have to close the comments again.

  7. ViolenceJack Says:

    Since both Bryger and L-Gaim are close to completion, Is there a chance you will sub Mazinger Z or maybe contine your work on Great Mazinger and Getter Robo?

  8. chris Says:

    Its so funny that you cant stop proving my point

  9. Anthony Says:

    Thanks so much for these. Did episode 34 ever get a DDL link? It looks like that’s the only one I’m missing.

  10. Anthony Says:

    Would it be a huge pain in the ass to throw it back up on Jumbofiles? Episode 34, I mean. No worries if it is.

  11. Jack Says:


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