L-Gaim 54 and batch torrent


Well here we are at last, the last episode of L-Gaim, in which a final boss is fought, a random subplot is wrapped up and no-one gets the girl.

Going by the 70+ page thread on this forum, the very first iteration of this project was started in May 2009, with Pata providing the raws, Denkou Nova, Arda Kanaya and me (starseeker) on translation, DrugLordKai as timer, and Lost Number and David_Bowie on QC. Though as fate would have it, Shin-Getter suddenly resurrected themselves from the dead and carried on with their L-Gaim project, so our first attempt fizzled out after 2 episodes. After Shin-Getter died again in April 2010 after reaching episode 32, there was plans to pick up the project again, but the first volunteer translator never finished an episode. Then in August 2010, Ametuchi joined the project and would be it’s longsuffering main translator from episode 33 to 54. This time the timing was done by Gunlord, the raws were Pata and then Chokutsuu after Pata’s disappearance, and I handled translation checking/QC. And this is how we got here.

The batch torrent includes both our episodes and Shin-Getter’s, though I used our version of episodes 1 and 2 instead of the Shin-Getter ones. Episodes 1,2 and 33-50 have v2s because Ametuchi wanted to touch them up and fix minor errors. I’ll put up DDLs for them when I can.


54: DDL
No individual torrent for 54, it’s in the batch, just select the files you need in your torrent client.

xdelta patches courtesy of digib33t from the comments.

DDLs for some of the v2s
01: http://en.packupload.com/SVNJHLP4SBE
02: http://en.packupload.com/CJQGD5Q2JOD
03: http://en.packupload.com/GQTM03UNZ0S
04: http://en.packupload.com/R03UW6RPFXA
05: http://en.packupload.com/CIM95CE2N62
06: http://en.packupload.com/SDDVRMNPU80
07: http://en.packupload.com/R3O8IVE8A02
08: http://en.packupload.com/MRSLNWZ1DNT
09: http://en.packupload.com/EGVV70BESF7
10: http://en.packupload.com/SFO3CC8ECT7
11: http://en.packupload.com/T1NY9KJLR58
12: http://en.packupload.com/O6LB44GDLKE
13: http://en.packupload.com/TOGMQND2A1M
14: http://en.packupload.com/L90HE0UGIL4
15: http://en.packupload.com/QZYPZALCG56
16: http://en.packupload.com/YC8916USRER
17: http://en.packupload.com/59IWTN08GMQ
18: http://en.packupload.com/AZYPLR87I30
33: http://en.packupload.com/ZXNJ3Z34C4E
34: http://en.packupload.com/UUFL4VBINAU
35: http://en.packupload.com/208JVG3DSHJ
36: http://en.packupload.com/CZSIVNPOCC1
37: http://en.packupload.com/R2ISHLXZ034
38: http://en.packupload.com/D8TX0V3PMTF
39: http://en.packupload.com/IH8JPY1PTCQ
40: http://en.packupload.com/OWQQ5PO149I
41: http://en.packupload.com/84D6Z19IWHI
42: http://en.packupload.com/YAO7DYEG1YP

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33 Responses to “L-Gaim 54 and batch torrent”

  1. Gunlord Says:

    Like I said on /m/,

    The project is finally done…even though I’m just a timer, I’m happy to have been able to fight off yet another bunch of subninjas and assist another project in completion. I may not have much strength or ability, but I’m glad what power I do possess was useful for you guys and /m/.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I… I love you guys. Thank you so much!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Glad You’ve Finished one of your Projects
    Well Done …. Thumbs Up ^^

  4. Amamori Says:

    Another job well done!
    Can’t thank you enough for seeing this through to the bitter end. We will have many good hours of viewing thanks to your blood, sweat, and tears.
    Cheers, mates!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much for your amazing job!

  6. Kellhus Says:

    Kudos on a job well done.

  7. luurah Says:

    It happened! It finally happened! Everyone who has worked so diligently on this project, thank you all! You’ve made all us mecha fans very proud!

    Thank you so very much!

  8. Ryvius Says:

    /m/anly tears, great job guys. Been counting down to this for awhile now, awesome!

  9. de_digibeet Says:

    I took the liberty to make the patches ..


  10. kudosforce Says:

    I couldn’t thank you guys enough for achieving this milestone. Alongside Xabungle, now all the vintage Tomino works have finally been fully subbed for our viewing pleasure.

    I got a friend of mine that I suggest good mecha anime to, so I’m happy to say that I’ll be able to present L-Gaim to him at some point.

    Sally forth for the remaining current project, guys!

  11. cavalier Says:

    Thank you so much.

  12. Adam Strange Says:

    Thanks for this.

  13. Bob Says:

    Can we get a mirror for the patches? Packupload is being
    a pain and keeps looping back to the start page.

  14. FenrizRX Says:

    This is amazing, thank you /m/subs for all your hard work!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you msubreleases!
    It was a great pleasure to accompany this incredible anime with you!
    I await the next projects lendarios ^ ^ V

  16. anonymous Says:

    Is there any way the episodes could be put up for DDL? I have bad experiences of C&D’s and having my internet turned off because of downloading anime via torrent. Not sure if Bandai cares about this show, but I’m hesitant to download it with P2P.

    • starseeker Says:

      I don’t think Bandai have cared about this show for a decade, I didn’t get C&Ded doing the distro on this. I’ll try and upload but it’ll take time.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any chance for a DDL of the .ass files for the series? It’d be nice to have the scripts available in case the videos ever got taken down.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Any chance ep 50 can be re-upped to Jumbofiles? It’s been deleted. Thanks for all your hard work!

  19. djmasturbeat Says:

    thanks so much, everyone involved!

    is there a chance anyone has scripts for the Shin Getter episodes?

    rather than having to stick to the hardsubbed avi files from years ago, I am trying to get the DVDISOs from Share and would like to add subs to them if they compete.

    thanks again..

    • starseeker Says:

      I recall they got uploaded and linked in the L-Gaim thread on the forum some time back, but I have a bad feeling the link may be long since dead (also 70 page thread to search through).

      • djmasturbeat Says:

        thanks for the info
        guess I will start googling, hope it’s not dead,
        but usually things not housed on a pay account are pruned fast, no matter the service (except maybe dropbox and box, free accounts on those don’t prune).
        fwiw, if I get ahold of them, I will gladly rehost them a bunch of places including my box acct as a permanent file.

        If anyone has them (as I suspect they are dead, too) will they please re-share?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry im asking this so late to the party but some of the links to packupload have gone bad. Any chance you guys would be able to reupload them again, when you find the time. I know you all have lots of other stuff to do, just asking for when you get the chance. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Hey everyone, this is Prons one of the co-owners of the old Shin-Getter group, here to congrat you guys on finishing L-gaim.

    I just wanted to mention that, we were not “subninjas.” I wasn’t aware that there was an /m/ or even an mSubs at the time. What really happened was I had found a couple willing translators and Camille and I decided to start subbing again. We had done the first episode of L-Gaim many years prior, and so we had decided to continue it, and sadly we had to stop due to various circumstance.

    The choice to end Shin-Getter was because our main translator had left, I wanted to focus on vocation school, and my co-owner and best friend moved out of town and got a job. It simply just didn’t work out for us. It’s hard for me to believe that was THREE YEARS ago!

    tl;dr I don’t have the scripts to the episodes we did anymore. We also never released any of our scripts , so if there are any out there they are not ours.

    • starseeker Says:

      subninjas is /m/’s joke for anything impeding subbers, usually of the bizzare variety (like having a fridge fall on them).

      I can’t remember who it was that posted the scripts several years ago, think they claimed to be the main translator that left or something, doesn’t really matter now anyway since they got lost.

      I should say thanks to you for doing the first half of the series.

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