[X-nebula-/m/subs] Galactic Cyclone Brygar 1-39


Well here we are, the dramatic finale of the battle for Jupiter and the fate of the solar system. How will it end? Maybe only the stars know the answer to that one.

Batch torrent for all eps, I’ll put up DDLs for the last 3 eps soon.
Batch torrent


Big thanks to Crinn, the real powerhouse of this project.

Before anyone asks about Baxinger, well you’ll have to wait and see.

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33 Responses to “[X-nebula-/m/subs] Galactic Cyclone Brygar 1-39”

  1. luurah Says:

    First the completion of L-Gaim, now the completion of Braiger! This is a great day for super robot fans everywhere! Thank you Crinn and Starseeker for subbing this wonderful series! I love it!

  2. kudosforce Says:

    Crinn and Starseeker, you guys are the best. Not one but two robot series being fully fansubbed! Really, I couldn’t possibly thank you enough.

    With this, that leaves the only current unstalled series on here to be…

    Well, do I really need to say it?

  3. jake Says:

    Thank you so much! What project are you guys gonna do next?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe complete Raideen or Layzner or Giant Gorg? 😦

  5. Jacopo Says:

    Maybe complete Raideen or Layzner or Giant Gorg? 😦

  6. r042 Says:

    Finished the show off last night, what a journey! 39 episodes of effeminate pharoahs, space squid, weird plans and funky music. Thanks to all involved!

  7. Shidoni Says:

    YAY! Thank you guys for your hard work (and I blow a kiss in Crinn’s direction, chu~), Brygar was a pleasant surprise and a fun series. Abayo, J9 ;_;7

  8. Anthony Says:

    Awesome! Thanks. I’m getting a 404 not found notice on Bayfiles for episode 37, though. Is it working for everyone else?

  9. photon76 Says:

    What about Layzner? I mean Bryger and Dougram have been completed in the same time it took to get 4 episodes of Layzner released, its so slow its like painful torture. Ps love you guys no disrespect ment.

    • kudosforce Says:

      At least it does get worked on from time to time; it’s the real-life issues that hamper things for those of /m/ handling that series.

      This is nothing compared to the amount of time that Goldran fans have been waiting, for that said series to be done (on a related note, Onmitsu, one of the groups that used to work on it, are apparently back with a new website: http://onmitsu.fansubers.com.br/ ).

      • Zer-O Says:

        unfortunately they haven’t released anything for goldran and the like also I think their english translator is still awol, I’m still waiting for goldran but I’ll be patient and not spam every one of /m/ subs releases shouting “moar goldran” like some idiotic twat

        • kudosforce Says:

          Don’t worry about that, I won’t do anything that stupid. I know better than to sink so low. I’m also being patient; I was just putting things on perspective.

          Shame about Onmitsu’s English translator, though.

          Regardless of that, I’m certain Layzner will be finished someday (even without having to shout its name at the heavens at any given opportunity).

          • starseeker Says:

            The English translator for Goldran was sasword (aka the Great Mazinger and Getter guy) IIRC, haven’t seen him at all in over a year.

          • Zer-O Says:

            oh I know you won’t your one of the more patient people
            @starseeker: seriously? maybe its time to find someone new to take over for that person

            • starseeker Says:

              In theory yes, in practice that’s kinda tricky, I don’t know any translators who aren’t up to their eyeballs in stuff already.

              • Zer-O Says:

                geeh that’s a problem too, ehehe maybe co op the remainder of it with hikari senshi or is that option not viable? I would suggest the guy who manages nyoron but he pretty much is sticking to lamune & 40 and pretty much dropped gaine cause DL’s didn’t break into the twenties range

                • kudosforce Says:

                  They’re already handling Da Garn, among other things, so waiting for them to finish that first might be preferable (especially since they’ve finally started to scratch the remaining quarter, as long as their catching up on the current translated eps will prompt the translator Tehkou to finally come out of her hiatus).

                  Ironically enough, the Planetary Defense Subtitling Group DID get into the mid-twenties range for Might Gaine…before dropping off the face of the Earth. But yeah, I wouldn’t really ask Nyoron, given his level of output these days.

                  (On a side note, Caffin Subs did progress on Getter Robo a little more, recently.)

                • kudosforce Says:

                  Ooh! I just thought of another possibility:

                  Asking Live-Evil to help would be reasonable, wouldn’t it? After all, they did some collabs on other mech anime before. Granted, they’re still working on Yawara, but have done most of the episodes at this point (reached past the hundred mark! 😀 ).

                  • kudosforce Says:

                    Alright, I’ve asked them and there’s no such luck; they too have their hands full.

                    Well, I’m out of options. 😦 Aside maybe asking the visibly healthy Grown-Ups-in-Spandex fansubbing group, although I really don’t know if anybody there would be willing to do something outside of their usual territory…

                    • Zer-O Says:

                      well ya tried that’s the least you can do and I don’t mind waiting for goldran longer, or for the rest of dagarn from hikari, so I’ll just be patient and wait like all the others

  10. djmasturbeat Says:

    another classic mecha completed!

  11. kudosforce Says:

    @Zer-O: Incidentally, speaking of hikari, I learned via a certain guide for viewing the Brave Series that Midnight Crew, the group they’re collabing with for Da Garn, are planning to redo Goldran once the aforementioned series is finished. If true, that is.

    So yes, I believe waiting will be best at this point. 😀

    • Zer-O Says:

      seriously? sweet, I knew they were rereleasing some of the dagarn eps from DVD rips but I didn’t know they were going to redo goldran, now I’m really looking forward to it, also I hope they do a batch release of the DVD rip episodes

  12. Anonymous Says:

    can you guys reupload all of the episodes as MP4 files please? thank you if you can.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    can you reupload the mkv files?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for all your work, the bakabt download (simply a copy of this as far as I can tell) is also available:

    I was looking for a full list of episodes as well, I rename all my files (see: http://i.imgur.com/tykIA.png). Longest found is this:

    • Anonymous Says:

      Thanks starseeker for getting back to me, archived thread:

      01: Merciless J9
      02: Roaring Asteroids
      03: Hellish Venus
      04: Lawless West J District
      05: A Client From The Grave
      06: The Red Rose Of Revenge
      07: The Great Escape From Venus Prison
      08: Wiping Tears On The Moon
      09: Saturn Rally, The Rampaging Race
      10: Love Vanished In The Mist
      11: A Snowfield In Flames
      12: The Vulcan Twins
      13: Mission: Gold
      14: The Rescue Of The Jovian Bems
      15: The Evil Synchron Planet
      16: Dead Galactic Beauties
      17: Angry Cougar
      18: Starlight Lullaby
      19: Raid Melody
      20: The Demon of Vengeance, Reborn
      21: Double Neck Vow
      22: Assassination Order: Nubia
      23: Nubia Laughs
      24: Back Off
      25: Uranus Smells Of Death
      26: Blues Again
      27: Storm Of The Carnival (Part 1)
      28: Storm Of The Carnival (Part 2)
      29: Twilight Challenger
      30: They Are To Die (Part 1)
      31: They Are To Die (Part 2)
      32: Galaxy of Prayer
      33: A Parting Song Under The Eclipse
      34: The Name Is Khamen
      35: The Battle of Mercury (Part 1)
      36: The Battle of Mercury (Part 2)
      37: The Sentence Of Death For Jupiter
      38: Battle Of The Asteroids
      39: Abayo

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